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January 2019

PowerCell 12 and 8 UEF SE 

PowerCell 8 UEF SE

THREE Additional UEF Blue power cables Free ($1647.00 Value)

Buy a PowerCell 8 UEF SE with included Atmosphere Level 2 Power Cable ($1995.00 value) and receive three additional 5ft UEF Blue 12awg power cables free.

Longer lengths or upgrade to UEF Blue 10awg available.

PowerCell 12 UEF SE

Promo Extension through January 31st, 2019

Buy a PowerCell 12 UEF SE
w/ included Atmosphere Level 3 PowerCell power cable
receive an additional Atmosphere Level 2 power cable Free ($1995.00 Value)
Buy a PowerCell 12 UEF SE
receive a $1995.00 credit toward upgrading the included Atmosphere Level 3 PowerCell power cable to a new Galileo SX power cable
(Upgrade MSRP additional $3005 minus $1995.00 credit = additional $1010.00)


Free items must be ordered at the time of purchase. Items that are added on after the original order will NOT qualify. Cannot be combined with other offers.

Offer is valid until January 31st, 2019

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