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September 2021


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Galileo SX Ground Block

and receive (5) five free 1.25 meter New HDSX Ground Cables (1975.00 Value)

Galileo SX Ground Block

The heart of your system.

The Galileo Active Ground Block is a top to bottom re-engineering of our award-winning Active Ground Block SE with technology originally designed for our Galileo SX PowerCell as well as new technologies expressly developed to make this the world’s highest performance ground filter for your stereo. We start with a new chassis machined from a solid billet of aluminum and carbon fiber to address unwanted vibration and chassis resonance that would otherwise lower your system’s performance. We then re-engineered the internal Electromagnetic Cell increasing the number of active filters from one as found in our Active Ground Block SE to three Active Em Cells with Galileo SX PowerCell technology. This includes 2 x rolled EM Cells in carbon fiber housings to control resonance and one flat Carbon Fiber Electromagnetic Cell with a copper mesh Ground Plane as found in our Galileo SX PowerCell. We then turned up the gain in a new ULF Generator for three times the signal strength of the Active Ground Block SE for a significant gain in performance. And since the Galileo Ground Block was developed in conjunction with our limited edition 2ndGeneration Galileo SX PowerCell it shares its ability to custom-tune the sound of the ground filter to complement your system and personal tastes by changing the bias frequency of the ULF signal generator. By pressing a button on the back of the Galileo Ground Block you change the frequency that biases its three Active EM Cells and this changes the characteristic sound of your system. There is a default setting shared with our current Active Ground Blocks and three new frequencies that make your system sound more liquid or dynamic and holographic; the choice is yours. And to make keeping track of which frequency you have selected easy, when you press the button, it changes the color of the light inside the unit, visible from the view window on the top of the unit. We also added new useful features like the ability to directly wire both your PowerCell line conditioner and Atmosphere Acoustic Field Generator to increase their performance.  

$7495 / 120V
$7995 / 230V
with included Atmosphere X Euphoria power cable ($2,995.00 Value)


High Definition SX Ground Cables

Control is power.

Since engineering our original HD Ground Cables over five years ago, our understanding of building the world’s best-sounding cables has advanced exponentially. In areas such as metallurgy, UEF compounds, and high voltage and high current conditioning processes have collectively gone well beyond anything we could have imagined in 2015. So it was time we applied all we’ve learned to build the next generation HD Ground Cable. We started with the same hand-made AirString Geometry. We added a new single crystal pure six-nines silver conductor in an air dielectric for cleaner highs and a noticeable increase in resolution combined with a more relaxed presentation. We then add a new UEF Compound to a new Matrix Shield for an even lower noise floor in a more holographic soundscape. We then added our brand new Three Stage High Voltage conditioning process initially developed for our new flagship SRX cables for a dramatic lowering of the noise floor. All told, these improvements create a whole new level of performance, resolution, and musicality. In short, adding our new HDSX Ground Cables to your system with any of our Ground Block technologies will improve all aspects of sound, and not in a subtle way. Try risk-free in your system and rediscover the art of being well-grounded.

Global MSRP
US $395.00/1.25m
($100.00 per additional .5m)
(Maximum length 3M, extension cables available)

Promotional items must be ordered at the time of purchase.  Promotional item must be of equal or lesser value of the lowest priced purchased item. Items that are added on after the original order will NOT qualify. Cannot be combined with other offers.

Offer is valid until September 30th, 2021

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