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Galileo UEF Speaker Cables are made by hand in our California factory from (4) High Current Silver Matrix geometries, (1) 4th Generation Tricon Silver Matrix geometry, (3) Hand Made Pure Silver / Graphene AirString Geometries and (1) Hand Made Pure Tungsten AirString geometry. All 9 parallel geometries utilize our patent pending UEF Graphene Shielding for a total of 18 cables in a single pair of Galileo UEF speaker cables. For added clarity each individual geometry is separately sheathed to cancel cable resonance for clear effortless sound with natural decay and timbre.  When voicing these speaker cables we added a Tungsten AirString Geometry for the unique sound staging properties of tungsten as determined during a 6 month long double blind listening test conducted to find alternate conductors for audio cables.

As with Galileo UEF Interconnects, we engineered a complex Multi-Layer UEF Inductive Cell and coupled it to each cable’s 9 shields, 12 signal conductors and ground. The heart of Galileo UEF speaker cables’s performance is its UEF Inductive Cell made from Pure Silver Foils and Graphene with a dielectric made from Japanese Silk chosen for the warmth and layering silk delivered over traditional dielectric materials discovered during a series of double blind listening tests. For versatility and system compatibility Galileo UEF speaker cables can be run shielded with the ground plane connection attached to either a SR Ground Block, or with the included ground connector. Additionally they can be used without shielding for mono block amplifiers and speakers that perform their best when run with unshielded speaker cables. Simply connect the shield to ground or leave it disconnected. One advantage of our exclusive UEF Graphene Shielding is that it works whether the shield is connected to ground, or not.

To custom voice these speaker cables to your system you select between two bespoke UEF Tuning Modules voiced expressly for Galileo UEF. The Gold UEF Tuning Module imparts a warm and musical balance replete with maximum soundstage bloom or select the Silver UEF Tuning Module when your system sounds best with a more detailed and pin-point sound stage balance. A third option is to simply not attach either UEF Tuning Modules but the choice is yours to make based on the option that makes music in your system. 

Global MSRP US $15,000/pair

UEF Cells

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Each pair of Galileo UEF Speaker Cables incorporate 4 UEF Carbon Fiber cylinders. Within these enclosures lie the Unified Energy Field Cells, comprised of precious metal foils with Teflon and Japanese Silk dielectrics. This Patent Pending technology is applied directly to the signal and shields, lowering the noise floor and allowing the musical information to move from one end to the other, unimpeded by spurious interference and signal reflections. The result is a natural realism of pure involving music that takes you right into the recorded venue.

Galileo UEF Ground Plane

Performance starts at ground.

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The optional Ground Plane connections on your new Galileo UEF Speaker Cables allow you to star ground all of your Galileo UEF cable shields to reduce your systems signal-to-noise ratio. The Ground Plane provides the ultimate mechanism for removing the buildup of harmful excess charge and static attempting to decrease the performance of your system. With blacker backgrounds and greater low-level information retrieval, you experience music in a whole new way. For the ultimate system grounding, add a single Ground Block to improve the your system’s ground performance, interconnects, speaker cables and component grounds or use the included ground connection for each pair of Galileo UEF cables in your system.

Gold and Silver Tuning Bullets

Tune your system.

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Fine tune your musical investment to perfectly match your taste and exceed your expectations. UEF Tuning Modules are connected to Galileo UEF cable shields and work outside the signal path to contour the sound of your cables by changing the way your cables resonate. By altering the resonance between signal and ground conductors you take control of the sonic balance of your cables and in the process, the overall sound of your system. Silver UEF Tuning Modules are fast resonators that maximize clarity and detail while Gold UEF Tuning Modules are a slower resonator for a sound that is warmer with more bloom and in some instances, more musical. When combining both Silver and Gold UEF Tuning Modules by selecting Silver for say Interconnects, and Gold on speaker cables, you can enjoy the best of both or experiment with different combinations until you find just the right balance for your state-of-the-art system.

Parallel UEF geometries.

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The highly complex design of Galileo UEF Speaker Cables includes 20 individual and isolated UEF geometries. These multiple signal runs consist of our award winning “Pure Tungsten” and “Silver Matrix Alloy” conductors coupled with Pure Silver Monocrystal Filaments housed in “air dielectric” PTFE tubes. Combinations of these conductors are then separately shielded with UEF Ground Planes, providing the purest form of audio signal transfer. With Galileo UEF Speaker Cables in your audio system, you will hear and experience 3-dimensional holography that extends far beyond your speaker boundaries, and a stunning depth of realism that is rarely achieved with recorded music.


Transparency, one atom thick.

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Synergistic Research is the World’s first cable company to incorporate Graphene, a new, highly conductive wonder material that consists of a layer of pure carbon a single atom thick. One of the many reasons that Graphene is so exciting is that it is almost a superconductor at room temperature.  Superconductors are materials that can conduct electricity with almost no resistance when cooled to extremely low temperatures ranging from near absolute zero (-459.67°F or -273.15°C) to the temperature of liquid nitrogen (-140.8°F or -96°C). With Graphene you get superconductor performance without the deep freeze.

Galileo UEF “IFT” Bi-Wire

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"2016 Cable of the Year"

"Ted Denney’s latest creations improve on the cumbersome ergonomics of his original Galileo multi-strand cables (which had to be plugged into and out of a multitude of boxes and actively biased via a plethora of wall-wart power supplies) by packaging most of that marvelous Synergistic technology into the cable itself. Better still, the Galileo UEFs significantly improve upon the truly stellar sonics of the original Galileos. Indeed, the UEFs are the best sounding wires Mr, Denney has yet devised, achieving a dead-center neutrality that is neither “bottom-up” nor “top-down” in tonal balance, without any sacrifice in natural warmth and timbre, resolution of detail, transient speed, dynamic power, imaging precision, or soundstage width, depth, and height. When you consider that the Galileo UEFs are also priced at one-third or one-quarter of what the original Galileos went for (and roughly one-tenth of what flagship cables and interconnects from certain other companies currently cost), you have a veritable bargain in ultra-high-end wire and a worthy TAS Interconnect and Speaker Cable of the Year Award winner."



Setting up Jonathan Valin of TAS with Synergistic's best

"Best Sound at Show" T.H.E. Show Newport

Galileo UEF Speaker Cable specifications:

Uniform Energy Field (UEF) Cells:

·  Count- 4 UEF Cells per pair

·  Internal Conductor Material- 99.9999 Pure Silver and Pure Oxygen Free Copper

·  Dielectric- Air, TEFLON and Pure Japanese Silk

·  Chassis Material- Carbon Fiber


·  Silver Air Strings- 99.999% pure silver signal conductor, Air (sealed) dielectric

·  Tungsten Air String- 99.9999% pure tungsten conductor, Air (sealed) dielectric

·  Tricon String- 99.999% pure silver signal conductors, Teflon dielectric

·  Graphene is used in strings as well as UEF filtration

·  High Current Galileo String- Silver Matrix conductors, Modified PE dielectric

·  UEF Ground Plane System

Amp Leads:

·  UEF Silver Air / Tricon / High Current Strings

Speaker Leads:

·  Silver Air String / Tricon / High Current Strings / UEF Shielding

Cable Count:

·  Each Galileo UEF Speaker Cable is actually 10 separate pair of cables- 4 pair High Current Galileo Silver Matrix Strings, 1 pair Tricon Strings, 1 pair Silver Air Strings, 1 each Tungsten Air String, 1 each Silver UEF Ground Shield


·  Silver Spade or WBT 0610 AG Next Gen Signature Silver


·  High Definition Ground Plane System with UEF filtration.

UEF Filtration:

·  Precious metals / Graphene / Air, Silk and Teflon dielectrics

SR Ground Block (optional):

Galileo UEF interconnects have shields that can be grounded direct to earth with supplied ground cables bypassing your component’s power supplies for a lower system noise floor.

  • To improve performance further still use an optional SR Ground Block with its UEF Ground Filter to elevate overall system performance; not only can you star ground and UEF filter the shields on all Galileo UEF interconnects and speaker cables in your system, but can also ground all of your system’s components to the Ground Block for a dramatic lowering of your system’s noise floor for greater detail, clarity and musicality.

Ground Block

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