July 2017

PowerCell 12 UEF Special

Purchase a PowerCell 12 UEF SE ($6495.00) with included Atmosphere Level 3 PowerCell power cable and receive an additional Atmosphere Level 2 power cable free ($1995 Value).

New Active Ground Block Trade-up special

Trade up from your Synergistic Research Ground Block to either Active Ground Block and receive full credit for your original SR Ground Block.  $595 Credit

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The original SR Ground Block has sold nearly 1,500 units since it was released two years ago and we want to reward our loyal SR Ground Block customers with an offer to audition the new Active Ground Block. Simply try either of the new Active Ground Blocks in place of your existing SR Ground Block and if you choose to upgrade, your dealer will give you a $595 trade-in for your old SR Ground Block or 100% of its Global MSRP regardless of the price you paid! Your original standard and High Definition Ground cables work perfectly with the new Active Ground Block so it’s a simple plug-and-play comparison with nothing to loose should you decide to keep the original. This offer is limited to one SR Ground Block trade-in per one Active Ground Block and cannot be combined with any other offers, discounts, multiple SR Ground Blocks, or High Definition Ground cables. Offer expires June 30th, 2017.

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