Today’s high end systems are evolving faster than ever. With new and existing technologies like DVD, SACD, DVD-audio, analog, HDTV, multichannel, and distributed audio systems, you need a cable system that not only matches your current components, but also has the technology and flexibility to grow and adapt as technology and your system evolve.

With our Lifetime Passport Protection Program, your new Synergistic Research products are warrantied against all defects in materials and manufacturing for five years. Simply register your Synergistic Research product to gain access to our Passport Protection Program benefits.

When you purchase Synergistic Research products with Lifetime Passport Protection, you are purchasing products that perfectly match your current system and that adapt as technology and your system evolve. Your new Synergistic Research cables carry a lifetime upgrade value toward future Synergistic Research cables. When upgrading simply contact us for details. Upgrades are unavailable for products purchased used or from non-authorized Synergistic Research dealers, and may not be available for every Synergistic Research product. Contact us to find out if your Synergistic Research product qualifies for upgrades or trade-in.

The Lifetime Upgrade Passport Program works as follows:
You can receive up to 70% back on your original SR purchase. This applies to any Synergistic Research product except fuses, even if it is 20 years old There are only 2 requirements to initiate the program.
1. You are the original owner, (the product was purchased from an Authorized SR dealer). A receipt may be required.
2. You are upgrading to a  Synergistic Research  product twice the price of the original purchase to receive the full 70 % back.
For Example:
If you purchased a cable for $500 and you use the Passport to purchase a $1000 cable you would get 70%  or $350 credit towards that purchase making $650 instead of $1000.
Now, if you purchased a cable for $500 and wanted to upgrade to a cable that was $700 using the Passport, you would receive 70%  of $350 or one half of $700, which is $245 off of your $700 purchase, making your purchase $455.
We are more than happy to crunch the numbers for you during the process.
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