Grounding Block

Small, yet powerful ground control.

What if you could significantly upgrade your audio system without changing any of your components? Simply connect your system to the SR Ground Block and you will hear things you've never heard before. Even the most sophisticated electronics are transformed with a dramatic reduction in noise. Music ushers forth from a jet black sonic background, with never before noticed detail. And modest components take on new refinement to perform far above their class with virtually every area of system performance being enhanced in dramatic and surprising ways. Available for in-home audition, experiment and confirm for yourself that the SR Ground Block is an unprecedented breakthrough that will forever change how you experience music at home.

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The SR Grounding Block was engineered to improve ground performance on our new Atmosphere Series Level 2, 3, and 4 interconnects and speaker cables, as well as all SR products with external ground plane connections—like Tranquility Base isolation platforms, FEQ, and Atmosphere wave generators.

With optional connectivity cables the SR Ground Block also dramatically improves the performance of turntables, DAC’s, Pre-Amps, Power Amps, USB devices or any component with an active or passive circuit inside. Sold with a 30-day no-risk money back guarantee, the SR Grounding Block is available for an immediate in-home audition.

The term “ground” refers to a connection to the Earth, which acts as a reservoir of charge. The high-speed, SR Grounding Block provides a conductive path for this ground, separate from the normal current-carrying path of your components, which under certain conditions can add up to 10 dB of noise if poorly designed! The ground path with the least resistance is the best path to Earth, and there is no better ground path for your components than the SR Grounding Block.

Peripheral HUB

18 ports to perfection.

By cleaning up your system’s ground connection you hear a noticeable improvement in soundstage height, depth and width thanks to a lower noise floor. Soundstage scale is improved with richer tonal density especially at the edges of your sound field. Image outlines are brought into clearer focus while musicality and overall system refinement are greatly improved.


"The more I listened to my system with the HDG cables and Grounding Block, the more I was convinced that the addition of these products are on the critical path in assembling a truly high performance audio system."

"The effect on our system was immediately obvious:  A thin layer of hash that had been below my notice (Ain't it always the way?) was removed, clarifying a system that I already thought was exceptional."

"I was not prepared for the major sonic enhancement that these products delivered. The extent of the positive enhancements goes far beyond merely those of a “system tweak”."


"Synergistic Research has become a market leader of innovative audiophile products."

"It certainly made a difference in our test room, making the system seem more organic sounding, more focused, with a bigger soundstage, and a significant reduction in low level hash."

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