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Network Router UEF

Switch On/Tune In.

Introducing the Synergistic Research Network Router UEF - the world’s only network router guaranteed to improve your system’s performance or your money back. Building on the success of our Ethernet Switch UEF, we applied similar UEF technology to create a network router that dramatically improves all aspects of your system’s performance. During its one-year development program, we evaluated dozens of router boards, searching for the best-sounding circuit as a base to apply our many technologies. We then adapted our award-winning linear power supply initially developed for the Limited Production Galileo PowerCell, plus a patented electromagnetic cell to condition AC entering the unit as well as the digital signal exiting the Network Router UEF. Next, we’ve incorporated a Dual Frequency ULF generator with technology first developed for our FEQ Carbon to actively shield and condition the entire unit with harmonics of the Earth’s Schuman Resonance. For the best possible shielding and control of mechanical vibrations, the active circuit is fitted to a chassis machined from a solid billet of aircraft aluminum with a carbon fiber lid for optimal resonance control. And to voice the router, we developed a custom Carbon Fiber Tuning Disc and affixed it to the circuit for added harmonic texture and liquidity in the sound field. Lastly, we include a Purple Fuse to lower your noise floor and improve holographic realism. Upgrade your digital audio experience with a Synergistic Research Network Router UEF guaranteed to transform your system or your money back. Contact your dealer today for an exciting no-risk in-home trial.

Important Note: The Synergistic Research Network Router UEF does not include internal WiFi functionality. This deliberate omission ensures optimal performance by keeping the WiFi signal isolated from the Network Router. If your system requires a wireless connection (phone, tablet, etc.), it is necessary to connect a separate access point to the SR Network Router UEF.

A WiFi router is not the same as an access point. A WiFi router will not work. We have extensively tested various access points and found that different models seem to have minimal impact on overall performance. Two easy to set up recommendations are the TP-Link EAP610 and NETGEAR WiFi 6 Access Point (WAX214). When setting up your Access Point, set a different SSID than your existing home network.

Solid Billet Aluminum Chassis

With active EM conditioning.

Enter our new Network UEF with UEF and Active EM Cell technology to close the gap between digital playback and state-of-the-art analog tapes and LPs. To accomplish this, we combined all EM Cell and UEF Tech applications and Galileo level chassis construction into a single component. EM Cell and UEF Tech to condition the digital signal? Check. An EM Cell to act as a built-in Tranquility Base? Check. A chassis milled from a solid billet of aluminum like our Galileo Active Ground Block? Check. Use of Carbon Fibre to eliminate the effects of chassis vibration on the signal? Check.

SR Ground Block

This goes to 11.

Because you would never use power supplies found in your household appliances to power your DAC or Pre-Amp, likewise, you should have a dedicated router engineered for one purpose, to improve the sound of your audio system and not encumbered as the household’s internet router for video games, smart TV’s, smartphones, and general online activity. For maximum performance, use the SR Network Router UEF with an SR Ethernet Switch UEF because breaking up digital switching from digital routing carries sonic benefits you need to hear to believe. And when you ground your entire system to one of our Active Ground Block ground filters, you realize further reductions in your system’s noise floor.

 SR Purple Fuse installed

Beauty is in the eye of the fuse holder.

Purple Fuse (Included)

Master Fuse (addl $250)

SR Ethernet Switch UEF


$2995 110V

$3295 230V

with included 5ft Foundation 12awg AC cable ($599 Value)

and SR Purple Fuse ($199.95 Value)

Dimensions - 2.6″h x 10″w x 6″d
Weight - 6.2 lbs.

Product Support - At Synergistic Research, we prioritize providing exceptional customer and client support. Our team is available to assist you with installation questions and basic technical inquiries. However, for custom network setup questions concerning integration with your existing home network and/or the SR Network Router UEF, we recommend consulting an IT Network Professional. If necessary, we are happy to provide a reference for such professionals who have experience with the SR Network Router UEF and can offer expert assistance in this area (service charges are billed by the 3rd party support when 3rd party support is necessary).


SR Network Router UEF packages

Bundle and save.

Ethernet switch bundles.

Foundation Ethernet +$299 (MSRP $449.00) - 1 meter

Atmosphere X Ethernet +$450 (MSRP $650.00) - 1 meter

Atmosphere X Reference Ethernet +$700 (MSRP $1050) - 1 meter

Galileo SX Ethernet +$1995 (MSRP $2995) - 1 meter

(One ethernet cable discount per purchased Network Router UEF)

Power cable upgrades.

(5ft Foundation 12awg included standard)

Atmosphere SX Excite +$1495 (MSRP $2,495) - 5 ft

Atmosphere SX Euphoria +$2295 (MSRP $3,495) - 5 ft

Galileo Discovery +$5500 (MSRP $6,995) - 5 ft

(One power cable upgrade discount per purchased Network Router UEF)


After just the first minute of listening to one of my test tracks I’ve got a smile on my face and a very rare feeling that I seem to have caught a Big Fish today! During my 20 years of audiophile life with each new component or tweak you can more or less predict what to expect and usually it works out the way you thought it would. That’s not the case today. The changes I hear seem to have added another dimension to music! It seems to be some kind of Higgs boson in my house which caught me completely off guard. The music flows in a continuous stream so effortlessly, coherently and naturally that I find myself not breathing in my favorite parts. New timbre nuances, tonal textures… dynamic decays and bursts become frighteningly realistic! Surprisingly, with the increased amount of information, realism and accordingly emotional involvement I feel more at ease listening to music .

As if before that all musical elements on the canvas were tangled by some kind of invisible web that hindered them somehow, interfered with their natural freedom. SR Router was a real discovery when it comes to which component is the most important in a system. It is N1 device out of all components/tweaks/enhancements for streaming audio I’ve auditioned to date and an absolute must-have.

Alex G. - June 2023


From the opening seconds, I could feel the atmosphere in the venue. The music had a clarity, presence, and natural feel that, for the first time, made me think there was something worthwhile to streaming music. The sibilance was finally controlled. The soloists were so realistic I could feel something like their personalities in their voices. Musicians were solidly placed in realistic, identifiable positions on the soundstage. Jackson Browne sounded like I had heard him on my reference CD & LP rig. And the applause came from real people in the audience.

Rick Becker - Enjoy The Music - November 2021

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Review Forthcoming


"There are products that can be considered just the icing on the cake. This is not that. The Ethernet Switch UEF provides a dramatic step forward for streaming and digital performance. It is an important component and without question a real game changer. Congrats to Synergistic Research for another outstanding design and for the superb product execution."

Robert Youman - Positive Feedback - December 2021

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UEF Performance Enhancer

This goes to 11.



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