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ATM Carbon

FEQ Carbon Tuning Module

The new ATM Carbon was explicitly voiced for the new FEQ Carbon with its breakthrough ULF frequency combinations. Still, it is also a significant improvement over RED and GREEN ATMs when used with Atmosphere Acoustic Field Generators. When you place ATM Carbon atop FEQ Carbon, you create a more natural holographic scale with a lower perceived noise floor for effortless sound where vocals and instruments take on lifelike timbre. In addition, frequency extension improves from bottom to top, where high frequencies seem to decay into a much larger space, and bass notes are better controlled and more impactful. Think of ATM Carbon as a turbo charger for the new FEQ Carbon. Available with a no-risk 30-day money-back guarantee so you can confirm performance before making a final decision.


Atmosphere Scene Gallery App

Pair with a linked ATM.

Atmosphere is a multi-channel signal generator with millions of potential adjustments and when properly calibrated, compliments an infinite variety of music, different systems, and even rooms with known issues— like an abundance of glass or hard reflective surfaces. To control Atmosphere there’s an included iPad app. Simply pick from the 3 base scenes—Intimate Acoustic, Hologram, and Grand Canyon to calibrate Atmosphere’s field to the type of music you’re listening to.

As the name implies Intimate Acoustic is perfect for small scale recordings of whenever you want a precisely focused sound stage that places the the performance primarily between your main speakers.

Holographic is perfect for performances recorded in a live hall, or mastered with reverb and is more layered front to back than either Intimate Acoustic or Grand Canyon. Holographic allows for the greatest sense of envelopment off the three standard scenes making you feel as if you are sitting in the actual recorded space.  Holographic dimensionally favors soundstage height and layering with a strong sense of acoustic space.

Grand Canyon is perfect for large scale classical and amplified performances or anytime you want a wide soundstage with minimal envelopment. This scene creates a wall-to-wall soundscape that starts behind your speakers with excellent depth, precise image outlines, and focus. Grand Canyon seldom if ever presents envelopment around your listening position but rather places the performance behind your speakers with maximum soundstage width.

Maintain the energy of amplified music with sharp leading edges and powerful dynamics. Ideal for live and studio recordings like Rock n Roll, Pop and modern amplified Jazz. In the default setting low frequencies are tight and punchy, mid-range is immediate with high frequencies that are not overly smooth, or etched.

Advanced Settings: ‘Crunchie’ removes any politeness from hard driving electric guitars, horns and leading edge transients leaving nothing but the raw amplified event. ‘Stadium’ opens up the sound field and is perfect for larger scale venues.

Perfect for Electronica, Orchestral, and New Age recordings. Ethereal presents the maximum scale possible without limitations. On already holographic recordings you hear scale and envelopment that transcend the boundaries of your listening room in a most dramatic way. In its default setting music is gorgeously lush and layered with envelopment that places you in the middle of a live event.

Advanced Settings: ‘Air’ opens up high frequencies and enhances your system's ability to portray a maximum sense of hall and decay. ‘Stratosphere’ is the ultimate setting for width, depth, layering and air.

Atmosphere is sold with an unconditional money back guarantee. Contact your SR dealer or distributor to audition the world’s most advanced acoustic technology today.

Presents larger acoustic recordings with an accurate sense of scale, natural layering and envelopment. Frequencies sound more linear than Holographic while sound staging is wider and more layered than In My listening Room and amplified music sounds softer than the Amplified scene.

Advanced Settings: ‘Near’ moves you closer to the performance with sharper image foes. ‘Expansive’ opens up the sound stage over the default ‘Layered’ settings with softer image outlines.

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