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Condition signal from within.


Introducing the Tranquility Pod Carbon, an evolution of our original Tranquility Pod with advanced technologies initially developed for our Tranquility Base Carbon plus a new UEF compound first developed for our Master Fuse and 2023 Limited Edition Galileo PowerCell line conditioners. Tranquility Pod Carbon conditions signal while it’s still in your system, just like the full-sized Tranquility Base Carbon but in a smaller, more flexible platform. Simply place Tranquility Pod Carbon above or below a component and its patented Active Electromagnetic Cell and Ground Plane conditions fields within adjacent electronics to lower your system’s noise floor. In addition, the Tranquility Pod Carbon features a sleek billet aluminum chassis with a carbon fiber lid and carbon fiber performance footers designed to contour airborne vibrations created by your stereo speakers for improved sound clarity when compared to the original Tranquility Pod. These advanced materials are not just for show, they provide superior resonance control and sound characteristics that enhance the overall performance of your stereo. Finally, each Tranquility Pod Carbon is treated with the SRX Long Duration High Voltage Conditioning Process for improved holographic realism and increased detail without listening fatigue. Audition Tranquility Pod Carbon in your system through your participating Synergistic Research Dealer or Distributor risk-free and discover your system’s full potential.


At the source.

The Tranquility Pod is a field generator hand-built in our California factory consisting of an Active EM Cell with UEF Tech and Graphene and Ground Plane technology. Just place a single Tranquility Pod Carbon under or on top of each component you wish to elevate, the result is a dramatic improvement in musical performance with increased dynamic headroom, lower noise-floor, improved bass extension and control, and cleaner and more extended high frequencies, all without a hint of glare or brightness. If you’ve invested in racks and isolation or have limited space for large platforms, the Tranquility Pod Carbon is the perfect solution. And with our risk-free in-home audition program through participating Synergistic Research dealers and distributors, you can experience the amazing sound quality for yourself.

110V MSRP $895
230V MSRP $995

Dimensions 6″w x 6″d x 1″h

Tranquility Pod

A/B recodings

We recommend listening with your high-end headphones or download the hi-rez audio files to listen through your audio system.  In-home auditions are available from your Synergistic Research dealer.

Download to listen on your high resolution audio system

Tranquility Pod Carbons - ON - Download
Tranquility Pod Carbons - OFF - Download

SR Ground Block

This goes to 11.

Elevate your Tranquility Base Carbon’s performance along with your entire system when you star-ground it all to an Active Ground Block SE or Galileo SX Ground Block. You can even ground the shields of Synergistic Research Atmosphere SX, Galileo SX, and SRX cable looms. The more you ground, the more you lower your system’s noise floor. So you hear a larger and more layered sound field with powerful dynamics and detail, all with increased musicality over a standard ground, thanks to our Active Grond Filters’ elimination of noise and distortion from your audio system.


Tranquility UEF LPS

Perfect Power.

With a Tranquility UEF Power Supply driving your Tranquility Base Carbon and Tranquility PODS, your soundstage increases in size and scale. Low frequencies are likewise improved with greater impact and control, while resolution is enhanced thanks to a lowering of your system’s noise floor. The net effect is a system-wide upgrade where your SR components get a boost in dynamic range and refinement for a not-so-subtle improvement to your system’s overall performance. Available with a no-risk in-home audition.


DC SX Power Cables

Direct to the source.

The ultimate DC cable is capable of transforming the performance of Active Synergistic Research components with the same newly developed technologies found in our Galileo Discovery and SRX level power cords. We start with a pure 99.9999% silver monofilament conductor in an air dielectric hand made in our California factory and add UEF Technology first developed for SRX level power cords and then apply a long duration high voltage conditioning process also designed for the SRX cable loom. 



Synergistic Research Tranquility Pod 
By Malcolm Gomes

“I began the review with Miles Davis Kind of Blue album, which is one of the all time great jazz standards and which is revered by many jazz fans as one of the greatest jazz albums of all time.  I have heard this album well over a hundred times, and every time it never fails to remind me of the genius of Miles Davis. However, when listening to this album with the Tranquility Pod activated, it helped increase the presence of Miles Davis’ horn in my listening room with nuances and subtleties emerging to the extent that I am now able to better connect with the emotions and mood that Miles decoded into his music.

Next up, was the Shirley Horn album You Won’t Forget Me. This is an exceptionally intimate album that belongs in every audiophile’s music collection. Shirley Horn has this incredible ability to make you feel that she is singing only to you. Her lush, husky voice caresses your soul in a way that few divas can. With the Tranquility Pods in the equation, the noise floor was perceptibly lower, allowing Shirley’s voice to come through with more presence and texture. Even when her voice is barely above a whisper, the increased dynamic contrast made it sounds more full, voluptuous, and evocative. Every track in this album comes through with an extra dollop of seductiveness than I have ever heard before. “

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~ Malcolm Gomes, Positive Feedback


Synergistic Research Tranquility Pod 
By Rick Becker

“Like most audiophiles, I’m a price sensitive kind of guy and as a reviewer I try and get a handle on a product before I know its actual price. I had a vague recollection that the new Tranquility Pod was about $2000 and even at that price it seemed to be a good value, elevating my $2000 DAC to what I’ve heard at $6000 and above. In some cases, much above. In my heart, I was hoping it would be more like $1000. When the suspense became unbearable, I was stunned to learn it was only $749. It worked best with my DAC and its separate power supply, but only after discovering it worked much better when placed on top of my particular DAC. The success of the Pod is dependent upon the particular piece of equipment and where it is positioned. You have to play with it a bit, but when it works, it really works! Most impressive was a newfound presence it brought to my system. Not the presence brought by a bump to the upper midrange, but a presence that extends the performances through the plane of the speakers into the space between the speakers and the listener. The Pods bring the experience much closer to what we hear in live performances in addition to the anticipated benefits of increased resolution and improved soundstaging. (Reviews of the Tranquility Pod and other products from Synergistic Research, forthcoming.)”

~ Rick Becker, Enjoy The


“all instruments projected further into the room with the surrounding ambience having greater clarity.”


the noise floor drops and the product’s presentation gets less overtly ‘electronic’ sounding.”


“There is superior rendering of detail and subtle sounds of instruments. Both micro and macro dynamic qualities to the music are more easily heard.”

Ground Block

Tranquility to 11.

Ground your Tranquility POD  with  a Synergistic Research Ground Block or Active Ground Block for higher performance still.


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