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Tune your environment.

One of the most important yet least realized components in any high-end system is the room itself. And whether you have a dedicated listening room replete with traditional acoustic treatments, or a shared living space where music happens with friends and family, we’ve developed powerful yet nearly invisible acoustic solutions to connect you to the music, and your life, like never before.

Synergistic Research Acoustics Solutions.

The complete treatment.

Step 1.


Treat your listening space and speakers with HFTs for a 3 dimensional, layered, and spacious soundstage. While your speakers disappear into your music. Whether used in conjunction with traditional acoustic treatments or looking for a discrete alternative, HFTs are the foundation of your acoustics.

Step 2.

Black Box.

Treat your low and mid frequencies with a Black Box. Tighter and more detailed bass while improving mid-range clarity. These devices replace traditional bass traps at a fraction of the size and cost.

Step 3.

FEQ Carbon.

Supercharge your Synergistic acoustic treatments with our Ultra Low-Frequency RF Generator. Take your HFT and Black Box performance to the next level and fine tune to your room by selecting one of two harmonics of the Earth’s Schumann resonance.

Step 4.


Set the focus and clarity of your soundstage. For over a decade, every system we have set up has included a Vibratron. Once you have heard your system with a Vibratron in place, you won’t be able to listen without it. 

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