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Isolation Footers

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Standard version MiGs offer a slightly warmer balance while the MiG 2.0 delivers music with added refinement and air. You can also combine MiG and MiG 2.0 under different components where say, subwoofers are used with standard MiG’s while MiG 2.0’s are used with electronics. Listening notes: comparing MiG’s to isolation footers based on dampening principals, you hear music that is more dynamic and spacial whereas dampening footers tend to sound flat and lack in dynamic extension. Sound stage scale also tends to be compressed when absorption footers are used. Isolation footers based primarily on draining mechanical vibration to ground tend to sound bright with less sound stage layering and mid-range warmth when compared to MiG’s. Lastly, if your system is decked out with SR Tech, your best possible footers will most likely be MiG’s as they work on similar principals and have a similar house sound to SR cables, power products, and acoustic treatments.


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The original MiG or Mechanical Interface Ground is a superb footer that excels with a warm natural balance that can be tuned through two placement options to best match your system. Placing just one or two sets of MiG’s under your components can deliver a significant increase in sound staging with a balanced to slightly warm tonal balance.

MiG 2.0

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MiG 2.0 builds on the performance of the original MiG with the inclusion of a specially tuned high frequency transducer similar to our HFT room treatments. The 2.0’s balance is extended with high frequency air that makes music sound as if it is decaying into infinity. Perfect for high resolution systems that are well sorted, tube based systems or systems that need help with high frequency extension, simply experiment with your two placement options, Pin-Point and Ambient, to find your perfect system match. You may also want to experiment with MiG’s and MiG 2.0’s for a bespoke solution that fits your system and personal tastes to a tee.

MiG and MiG 2.0

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I’ve had my share of footers over the years but in comparison, the Synergistic Research MiG 2.0s are a must have component and well worth the price of admission.

“clarifying, and introducing greater coherence into an audio presentation…is therefore yoked to the sonic benefits of the feet themselves.”

“Not only did I hear greater clarity and control with the new models, but I found that their use extends beyond the Tranquility Base UEF.”


Synergistic Research MiG 2.0 Footer Review & Listening Test - By Novice Review

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