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You now have the ability elevate the performance of any piece of audio gear with little more than a screwdriver, or an allen wrench, at home. Simply apply a few ECT’s in each of your system’s components for a significant and cost effective improvement in sound quality.

ECTs clean up high frequency noise that otherwise distort harmonic structures within the music signal. When ECTs are placed on or in an electronic device UEF nano-particles within the ECTs are excited by the components EM fields and in turn are balanced by the ECTs reaction through the process of inductive coupling. With ECT’s you hear music with a lower noise floor, higher resolution and a significant increase in soundstage scale with improved mid-range clarity and low frequency control. In fact once you place ECTs in your system, you’ll never want to take them out. Available for a risk-free, 30-day in-home trial, audition ECT’s with complete confidence.

Sold with a no-risk 30-day money back guarantee.  Pack of 5 - $299.00

Electronic Circut Transducer

Placement Guide:

Vacuum Tube
IC Chip



“I have installed 10 ECTs on my McIntosh MX 135 Preamp, and the sound is so incredible. I never imagined that something so small could make such a big change in the way you listen to music and movies. I’ve tried them on my anthem AVM 60 also, and the sound is amazing. On my McIntosh, the bass is so powerful and clean. It’s beyond anything I heard before. And yet when the bass is delicate on the recording, all of the instruments in the music sound like real instruments. I love synergistic research products, and I have to say, after putting ECTs in my system, I just can’t live without them. I also put 5 in my 4k Blu-Ray Player, huge change.

I’ve tried them on cables and subwoofers, the change is amazing. Ted Denney is the Tony Stark of the audio world. We need more people like him that can change our world. In my opinion, he makes things we just can’t live without.”

Thanks, Raymond


“With the ECTs I immediately noticed better definition in the bass with more impact and a superior visceral grip to the bass. Again, the soundstage opened up with increased focus and definition of the other instruments.”

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