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Synergistic Research

Carbon Fiber Duplex Cover.

  Science Makes Silence.

In our never-ending quest for the lowest possible noise floor, we tackled the duplex cover with our patented UEF Technology, advanced material science, and dampening to build the ultimate duplex cover. We started with carbon fiber specially woven to eliminate vibration and added a UEF treatment to dramatically improve the performance of your duplex by shielding EMI and RFI within the duplex cover and then applied a unique closed cell foam for additional vibration control. The net effect is a lower system noise floor, and this translates into blacker backgrounds with improved microdynamics and increased air and surprisingly, improved overall dynamics in well-balanced systems. Think of our Carbon  Fiber Duplex Cover as the Blue Fuse for your AC at the wall, it’s that impressive.


Fits most duplexs including SR UEF Blue and Black Duplex, and SR TeslaPlex.

Duplex  cover - $149
Quad cover - $199


Vibration Control

UEF Shielding.



“Everything matters” as the saying goes and like almost everything else in life today, somebody is always looking to stretch the envelope of what’s possible. Ted Denney is one of the fastest horses within the high-end audio race today. I’m not at the finish line with insight into every variation in these different categories, but the Orange Duplex, the Carbon Fiber Duplex Cover, and the MiG SX footers sound like they could be near the limit of “what’s possible” at this point in time.


Rick Becker,, May 2020

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