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June 2024 Promotion


Buy One, Get one 50% Off


SRX and SRX XL Power Cables


We were curious what would happen if we took our highest-performance power cord, the SRX, and scaled up the number of its internal hand-made air-dielectric pure silver high-current geometries. So we added 2 additional pure silver 14 gauge high current geometries and 2 additional pure silver AirString geometries to make our highest gauge power cord entirely over the top where high conductive pure silver conductors in an air dielectric are concerned. Not surprisingly, this took the SRX’s industry-leading dynamics to a whole new level. It also improved nearly all aspects of its performance, including soundstaging, lower noise floor, and increased high-frequency extension with added smoothness for a high-current power cord like no other. We did not, however, expect this to be a new benchmark for all AC applications in a system, from low to moderate-current-demand components like pre-amps and DACs to high-current-demand components like power amplifiers and our PowerCell line conditioners. And we accomplished a new benchmark in performance without compromising SRX XL‘s flexibility, so it’s easy to connect, even in tight spaces, like behind your rack or furniture. To discover how transformational this new power cord is, audition SRX XL your system today. And if you already have a complete loom of SRX power cords in your system, ask your dealer or distributor how you can take advantage of our Lifetime Passport Protection Plan, where you receive a 70% trade-in allowance for your existing SRX power cords toward a new loom of SRX XL power cords. Of course, you can audition risk-free to gauge the improvements these exceptional power cords can affect in your system.

Free items must be ordered at the time of purchase.  Free item must be of equal or lesser value of the lowest priced purchased item. Items that are added on after the original order will NOT qualify. Cannot be combined with other offers.

Offer is valid until June 30th, 2024

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