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Gold has more body and texture. It is richer with improved mids.

Acoustic Art

Available Soon.

Before there was UEF Tech there was Acoustic ART, our first foray into the field of sympathetic resonance as an alternate means of treating room acoustics. Vibratron is a handmade multi-frequency resonator which anchors the focal point of your sound field to your listening room, expanding and clarifying your listening experience. Vibratron works by resonating in response to acoustic pressure created by your speakers. When excited, Vibratron radiates even-order harmonics in a 360-degree wave pattern in sympathy with the music, focusing and expanding the soundstage. Additionally, Vibratron improves your room’s acoustic response to music creating a more organic and musical sound. Acoustic instruments sound more natural with organic timbre and the entire vocal range sounds more present and three-dimensional. To get the most from Vibratron, it is highly recommended that you consult with either the factory or your dealer who will advise you on placement as well as other acoustic components, like our, HFT’s, Black Box and Atmosphere generator, that work synergistically together to create a whole greater than the sum of its parts. 


Vibratron with Limited Edition 32″ Stand


$2,995.00 - Chrome Plated

$4,495.00 - Gold Plated

Standard Height 32″
Custom Heights Available

Vibratron with 70″ Stand


$3,495.00 - Chrome Plated

$4,995.00 - Gold Plated

 Vibratron only


$1,995.00 - Chrome Plated

$3,495.00 - Gold Plated


Just for you

24k Gold and Chrome

Designed as a functioning piece of art, the Limited Edition Vibratron Stand is available in custom heights.  For users with paintings, televisions or other items that limit the space for the vibratron, we offer a custom height at no additional charge.  Maximum height is 32″ minimum is 14″.

Location, Location, Location

How to set up Vibratron(s)

Coming Soon.  Multiple Vibratrons can be used on the same stand, or on multiple stands throughout the room.

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