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UEF Orange Duplex

Orange is the new Blue.

The Orange Duplex starts with a new Isolated ground to lower your system’s noise floor. We accomplish this by isolating its ground connection from the junction box in your wall, which can introduce noise into your system. We then apply all Orange Fuse processes, including a multi-stage high voltage treatment first developed to improve current and voltage transfer in our limited edition Galileo SX PowerCell. We then apply the same UEF Compound developed for the Galileo SX PowerCell for our most holographic duplex to date. The accumulative result is a more three dimensional and higher resolution duplex that never sounds strident despite its high resolution. As always, we offer the Orange Duplex with a no-risk money-back guarantee, so there is nothing to lose but compression and noise from your AC chain.

UEF Orange Duplex Specifications

Global MSRP $285.00
Body: Thermoplastic Nylon
Outlet: 2 pole 3 wire grounding 15A 125V
Ground: Isolated Ground


Depth (US): 1.130″
Height (US): 3.26″
Width (US): 1.322″

Technical information:

Amps: 20A
Volts: 125V
Volts (AC): 125
Capacity: Duplex
Wire Capacity: 14 - 10 AWG

UEF Carbon Fiber Duplex Cover

  Science Makes Silence.


“Everything matters” as the saying goes and like almost everything else in life today, somebody is always looking to stretch the envelope of what’s possible. Ted Denney is one of the fastest horses within the high-end audio race today. I’m not at the finish line with insight into every variation in these different categories, but the Orange Duplex, the Carbon Fiber Duplex Cover, and the MiG SX footers sound like they could be near the limit of “what’s possible” at this point in time.


Rick Becker,, May 2020

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