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Atmosphere SX Series Digital Interconnects

Not just one’s and zero’s.

Because it’s not one’s and zero’s it’s the music we love, with the realism we strive for. Synergistic Research Atmosphere digital cables are engineered to carry today’s high frequency digital signals without jitter and without the spacial robbing anomalies associated with digital playback. Through three stages of perfection Atmosphere Digital Cables utilize a progressive increase in UEF Tech as well as more complex geometries and materials for sound so real you’ll swear your listening to master tapes. SR technologies like Ground Plane Shielding that prevents static build up on the cable’s shield, to Graphene a near super conductor at room temperature for lightening fast digital transfer without loss, to UEF Inductive Cells to stop digital noise from ever entering your system, Atmosphere Digital cables are as close to the music as you can get without attending a live musical event.

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