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Atmosphere Series Cables

Clearly musical.

Introducing our first ultra performance Non-Active cables since we pioneered Active Shielded cables in 1998. Thanks to newly developed UEF Technologies enhanced through the use of Graphene you get performance superior to Active Shielding for interconnects and speaker cables without cumbersome power supplies and without thick DC wires. Synergistic Research UEF Tech utilizes Graphene based shielding and conductors for the benefits of Active Shielding in a passive cable. Music emerges from a quieter background with higher resolution and holographic realism than was possible from Active Shielding. To take Atmosphere Series cables further still try incorporating our FEQ ULF Generator, or Atmosphere Multi Wave Generator to stimulate Atmosphere’s UEF Graphene Shielding for a form of “wireless” Active Shielding you must hear to believe. And to voice Atmosphere Series Cables to your system we developed UEF Tuning Modules that allow you to create a bespoke sonic balance that perfectly matches your system and personal tastes. Finally drop your system’s noise floor clear out of site when you optionally ground Atmosphere Series cables to a Synergistic Research Ground Block, or with included cable to Ground connectors. Atmosphere Series cables are handmade in our California factory and are available for an immediate in-home audition.

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Acoustic Field Generator


Imagine listening to Charlie Parker at Birdland, then walk into Carnegie Hall to be seated at the best place in the house. This is can all be possible in your listening room by adding Atmosphere. No other product allows you to tailor the size and depth of your soundstage with stunning realism to accurately match the type of music you are listening to. Atmosphere is a multi-wave RF generator that has the ability to change your listening environment. Simply place it in your room, turn it on, and let yourself be amazed.

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