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CORE 2.0 Phono Cable

Entry, meet next level.

Core 2.0 Phono is built on the core of Synergistic Research technologies to deliver the SR experience of musicality, holographic soundstaging, and an ultra-low noise floor for breathtaking realism. Hand crafted in our California factory from 2 x Silver Matrix RCA and 4 x Silver Matrix XLR geometries, Quantum Tunneled with 1,000,000 volts of electricity, and UEF Tech with Graphene applied to shields with drain wires that decouple noise from your system’s electronics, you hear music with the world famous Synergistic Research sound at an affordable price.

Global MSRP

US $495/1m - RCA
US $595/1m  - XLR

CORE 2.0 Phono Specifications:

Global MSRP
US $495/1m Pair - RCA
US $595/1m Pair - XLR
Additional $100 for DIN Connector

2 each Silver Matrix RCA, 4 each Silver Matrix XLR:

  • Silver Copper Matrix: Monocrystal conductors with a separate ground conductor from shield
  • Dielectric: Modified PE dielectric
  • Shielding: Silver Braid -Quantum Tunneled
  • Geometry: 2 channel single ended / 6 channel balanced

RCA and XLR Connectors:

  • Silver plated XLR and RCA

Build Notes:

  • 8 (RCA) 12 (XLR) point-to-point hand soldered connections
  • UEF Technology Standard Level 1 – UEF coating with Graphene is applied to connectors significantly reducing the noise floor and allowing a purer signal to transfer with less grain providing more warmth and detail. 
  • Silver Solder: 4%
  • Hand build time: 1.5 hours
  • Quantum Tunneling: Post Production process, 1 million volts are passed through finished cable providing a “canal” that allows electrons to pass more freely through conductor material and connections
  • Secondary UEF Blue Treatment originally developed for SR Blue Fuses
  • 5 day Burn-in: 2 step process
  • Hand crafted in our California factory
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