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Galileo SX

The refinement of perfection.

Galileo UEF A/C Power Cord — Perfection perfected.

Galileo SX represents the pinnacle of what we currently know in the field of building audio cables for high-resolution audio systems. We start with complex hand built geometries with Air, Teflon, and Silk dielectrics, pure 99.9999% monofilament silver conductors, 4th generation Tricon geometries, custom designed silver connectors that reduce the amount of material to only what is needed for maximum signal transfer, star point grounding for digital and analogue interconnects that reduces series inductance and noise, new redesigned UEF Tuning Circuits that deliver higher levels of resolution and musicality, and totally new technologies like Matrix UEF Shielding for a lower system noise floor with unparalleled low frequency impact and overall musicality, and a proprietary 1,000,000 volt conditioning process that permanently alters how signal travels through a conductor for more efficient signal transfer as well as a second conditioning process first developed for our Blue Fuses that dramatically improves musicality for ultra resolution without listening fatigue. And we apply the same UEF Compound first developed for our SR Blue fuses to various components of each cable’s design for the best interconnects, speaker cables and power cords we have ever hand built in our California factory. 

Upgrade your existing Galileo UEF cables.

  Power, Speaker and Interconnect Cables – On the 15th and 30th of each month, we will offer an upgrade of existing Galileo UEF series cables by treating them with the conditioning process originally developed for Synergistic Research Blue fuses.  This process is standard on all new Galileo SX series cables and is one of the steps that give Galileo SX a major performance improvement over the original series as well as significantly reducing the break-in period of the new cables.  The UEF shielding cannot be upgraded to the new UEF Matrix shielding but the Blue Fuse conditioning process will give you an upgrade to your original Galileo UEF cables as well as a glimpse into the performance of Galileo SX series.   Cost is $500 per pair of cables up to 10 feet in length.  Please contact us for a quote on longer lengths. Power Cables (Active EM Ground Cells) - In addition to the Blue Fuse treatment, Galileo SX power cables are the first production cable to incorporate an Active EM Ground cell.  Originally developed for the limited edition, cost no object, SR25 power cable, the Active EM Ground Cell is similar to a miniaturized Synergistic Research Active Ground Block which is built directly into the carbon fiber housing of the Galileo SX power cables.  Existing Galileo UEF power cable owners can add the new Active EM Ground Cell to their cables for $750.00 per cable. Customer is responsible for ALL shipping charges, to and from Synergistic Research.  ALL cables will be returned via FedEx; other shipping methods cannot be accommodated.  Conditioning process will take up to 14 business days.
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