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Galileo UEF

Perfection perfected.

Galileo UEF A/C Power Cord — Perfection perfected.

Galileo UEF encompasses all currently known SR Cable Technologies developed over the past 25 years for the highest performance cables we have ever manufactured. Complex geometries are made by hand in our California factory from pure 99.9999% Silver with Teflon and Air Dielectrics. In fact a complete loom of Galileo UEF cables consisting of two pair of interconnects, a digital cable, a pair of speaker cables and three power cords takes a team of men over one week to build by hand and another two weeks to condition in a multi-stage process that includes 1,000,000 volts of electricity. 

Detail, transparency, dynamics and speed on one hand with balance, musicality and refinement on the other are normally mutually exclusive but not with Galileo UEF. Thanks to the most complex multi layer UEF Inductive Filters that condition signal outside the signal path, and bespoke Galileo UEF Tuning Modules voiced expressly for Galileo UEF we can build cables with all the detail, air and transparency of silver in an air dielectric without sacrificing musicality for all day listening enjoyment without fatigue. In short these are not only the highest resolution and most dynamic cables we have ever manufactured, they are also the most musical and largest sound field cables we know how to build. Galileo UEF, the highest performance cables on the planet.

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