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Active Ground Block

The heart of your system.

The New Active Ground Block takes the award winning UEF Ground Filter from our original SR Ground Block and adds an active ULF Field Generator, and on the SE model, a dedicated Active EM Cell as found in SR PowerCell line conditioners to supercharge the performance of every component in your system including Synergistic Research cables equipped with external grounding technology. Benefits include a noticeable increase in deep bass power and weight, a more holographic sound field, smoother high frequencies with greater extension and ‘air’, a more present and layered mid-range, increased tonal density with an apparent increase in resolution; it’s like going from a standard resolution Redbook file to Double DSD, the improvement is that dramatic. Nearly every aspect of system performance is transformed over the original; in fact, the difference between the new Active Ground Block and our original SR Ground Block is greater than the difference between the original Ground Block and no ground filter at all!
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How it works: It all starts with 44 Star Ground Points to reduce component to component ground inductance. That’s 44 ground connections to the original’s 18. You can ground your entire system including all components, a full loom of SR cable shields, and even equipment racks, computer hard drives, absolutely everything in your system can be grounded to one SR Active Ground Block. Filtration is handled by a UEF Ground Filter that’s 3 times the size of the original’s UEF Ground Filter and this translates into 3 times the performance of the passive ground filter alone. To this we add an Active ULF Field generator as found in our PowerCell 12 UEF which re-clocks high-frequency ground noise to the Earth’s Schumann resonance as well as noise generated inside connected components at the circuit level, so each connected component’s performance is fundamentally transformed at the source. And the Active Ground Filter is the only ground filter in the world to use such a filter mechanism for a performance unlike anything you’ve ever experienced. Stepping up to the Active Ground Block SE replaces the standard model’s passive Quantum Black Power Cord with a specially modified Atmosphere Level 2 Active power cord equipped with Galileo UEF Quantum Gold and Silver Filters that give you two distinctive sonic options to the overall sound of your system. With the included Galileo UEF filters you perfectly tailor the sound of the Active Ground Block SE to match your system, or leave the Galileo UEF Filters disconnected, the choice is yours. Lastly, the SE version has an Active EM Cell similar to the EM Cells found in our PowerCell 8 power conditioners to actively remove noise from ground for even blacker backgrounds, with improved dynamics, and finesse.
The term “ground” refers to a connection to the Earth, which acts as a reservoir of charge. The high-speed, SR Active Ground Block provides a conductive path for this ground, separate from the normal current-carrying path of your components, which under certain conditions can add up to 10 dB of noise if poorly designed! The ground path with the least resistance is the best path to Earth, and there is no better ground path for your components than the SR Active Ground Block.

Peripheral HUB

44 ports to perfection.

By cleaning up your system’s ground connection you hear a noticeable improvement in soundstage height, depth and width thanks to a lower noise floor. Soundstage scale is improved with richer tonal density especially at the edges of your sound field. Image outlines are brought into clearer focus while musicality and overall system refinement are greatly improved.

Synergistic Research Cables

Shields engaged.

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When using Atmosphere Interconnects and Speaker Cables Levels 2–4 or Galileo UEF, the Active Ground Block applies our UEF technology directly to the ground path’s shields, lowering the noise floor and ramping up overall performance.

Now with inlcuded fuse upgrade

UEF Black Fuse

You'll never go back.

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An included upgrade on the Active Ground Block SE model, the SR Black Fuses encompass our latest understanding of passive Quantum Inductive Coupling and are our most powerful fuses to date. In addition to a proprietary conditioning process followed by a 1,000,000 volt signal we call Quantum Tunneling that alters conductive pathways within the specially developed burn wire, we add a Quantum Inductive Surface that includes Graphene to stabilize the electrical wave feeding your system for a dramatic improvement in system performance over standard and audio-grade fuse


"One of the most significant effect results of reducing the noise floor and signal compression via the SR AGB SE allowed me to listen to music at much lower volumes without any loss of detail, silence between notes, and dynamics. Component changes alone have never resulted in the type of improvement the SR AGB SE brings to the table. With the SR AGB SE installed I was more engaged with the music and not left searching for it. The SR AGB SE is an integral part of my reviewing system. Highly recommended."

- Mike Girardi - StereoTimes - September 2018

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"The Synergistic Research passive Grounding Block and Active Ground Block SE have become an indispensable part of our systems. It improves the sound in a way where component and cable swaps just can’t mitigate. If you want to maximize the potential of your system and experience fresh musical highs, we have no hesitation in recommending either of these Synergistic Research grounding blocks."

-Siao Jer - - March 2018

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"The resulting impact of these three products is more than the sum of the parts. By that, I mean that with these devices it’s more of a “1+1+1 = 5” effect. The noise floor drops significantly, and with that, I feel like I am hearing everything my system was designed to perform. Honestly, I wish these three devices did not matter as much as they do. It’s a new can of worms to unravel and makes system setup a lot more complex. However, I would never go back to an “untreated” system. The new system sounds more dynamic, more detailed, more lifelike in the soundstage and timbre of the various instruments. In short, it sounds more musical, more real."

-Lee Scoggins - Part-time Audiophile - September 2018

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"The more I listened to my system with the HDG cables and Grounding Block, the more I was convinced that the addition of these products are on the critical path in assembling a truly high performance audio system."


"I was not prepared for the major sonic enhancement that these products delivered. The extent of the positive enhancements goes far beyond merely those of a “system tweak”."


"Synergistic Research has become a market leader of innovative audiophile products."


"The effect on our system was immediately obvious:  A thin layer of hash that had been below my notice (Ain't it always the way?) was removed, clarifying a system that I already thought was exceptional."


"It certainly made a difference in our test room, making the system seem more organic sounding, more focused, with a bigger soundstage, and a significant reduction in low level hash."

Active Ground Block Specifications:

US 120V MSRP –$1,995.00


Bundled with $499.00 UEF Black 10 gauge AC Cable

INTL 230V MSRP –$2,295.00


Bundled with $499.00 UEF Black 10 gauge AC Cable 


All models come with (4) 4ft and (2) 8ft standard ground leads for use with Atmosphere and Galileo UEF Cables.
      • Construction: Aircraft Aluminum
      • Dimensions: Height 3″ x Width 10.75″ x Depth 6″
      • Weight: 5.5 lbs.
      • Internal Active UEF
      • Connector Input:  1 each 15 amp IEC
      • 99.995% Pure Silver Ground Strap: 52 square centimeters
      • SR Quantum Capacitor
      • Point-to-point wiring
      • Silver Solder 4%
      • Hand Built Time: 2.5 hours
      • Quantum Tunneling: Standard Level 2
      • 5 Day Burn In: 2 Step Process

Voltage and current Rating:

      • Input rating US: 15amp/125v
      • Input Rating International (EU/AU/UK): 16amp/250v

Connector Input :

      • 44 each 2mm ground ports


      • Graphene treatment throughout unit
      • 2nd generation Internal ULF (Ultra-low frequency) Generator to bias AC to the Earth’s Schumann Resonance for a dramatic drop in a system’s noise floor
      • 1 each SR Power Transformers
      • 1 each SR Quantum Capacitor in ULF field generator

Connector Input:

      • 1 each  15 amp IEC
      • 1 each On/Off switch
      • 1 each SR Black 1.6A Fuse

99.995% Pure Silver

  • 52 square centimeters


Available connections for other SR products with SR Ground Plane Technology:

  • Synergistic Research Atmosphere: Acoustic Wave Generator
  • Synergistic Research FEQ: Frequency Equalizer
  • Synergistic Research Tranquility Base Products

Optional High-Def connectivity ground cables are available for the following applications:

  • Turntables: Connect to Ground Plug on Turntable
  • Digital to Analog Converters (DACs): Connect to spare Digital Input, Output or Chassis Ground
  • Pre-Amplifiers: Connect to spare Analog Input, Output or Chassis Ground
  • Power Amplifiers: Connect to spare Analog Input, Output or Chassis Ground.
  • USB Devices: Connect to spare USB Input, Output or Chassis Ground
  • Any Component with an active circuit inside: Connect to spare Input, Output or Chassis Ground

UEF Black 10awg power cable

Pure. Clean. Power.

UEF Black PowerCell power cable specifications:

3 each 10 awg. SR Copper:

  • Dielectric: (EPDM) Ethylene Propylene
  • Connector Input US: 1 each Synergistic Research C07 Pure Copper
  • Connector Input Int’l:1 each Synergistic Research C07 Pure Copper
  • Connector Output US: Synergistic Research C07 Pure Copper IEC 20 amp connectors
  • Connector Output Int’l:Synergistic Research C07 Pure Copper IEC 20 amp connectors

Build Notes:

  • UEF: UEF Technology Standard Level 2 - UEF coating with Graphene is applied to connectors and cabling significantly reducing the noise floor and allowing a purer signal to transfer with less grain providing more warmth and detail. The conductors also benefit from dampening effect that UEF provides.
  • Quantum Tunneling: Quantum Tunneling: Connections and cabling are treated with 1,000,000 volts of electricity at specific frequencies and pulse modulations, creating a canal in the conductor material and contact points at the molecular level that allows electrons to flow more freely.
  • 5 day Burn-in: 2 step process
  • Handmade in our California factory

Voltage and current Rating:

  • US: 30amp/125v
  • (EU/AU/UK): 20amp/250v

UEF Black 10awg power cable

Pure. Clean. Power.

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Compare the Ground Blocks
Ground Block
Global MSRP—$595
Aircraft Aluminum Chassis
Solid Copper Grounding Bar
UEF Ground Filter
Dimensions: Height 1.375″ x Width 4″ x Depth .75″
18 each 2mm ground ports
1,000,000 volt Quantum Treatment
Active Ground Block
US 120v—$1,995
INTL 250v—$2,195
Aircraft Aluminum Chassis
Solid Copper Grounding Bar
UEF Ground Filter x 3
Dimensions: Height 3″ x Width 10.75″ x Depth 6″
44 each 2mm ground ports
1,000,000 volt Quantum Treatment
2nd generation Internal ULF (Ultra-low frequency)
99.995% Pure silver ground strap
UEF Black 10 guage Power Cable ($499 MSRP)
Included UEF Black Fuse ($119.95 MSRP)
Active Ground Block SE
US 120v—$2,995
INTL 250v—$3,295
Aircraft Aluminum Chassis
Solid Copper Grounding Bar
UEF Ground Filter x 3
Dimensions: Height 3″ x Width 10.75″ x Depth 6″
44 each 2mm ground ports
1,000,000 volt Quantum Treatment
2nd generation Internal ULF (Ultra-low frequency)
99.995% Pure silver ground strap
Atmosphere Active Ground Block Power Cable
with Galileo UEF Tuning Modules ($1995 MSRP)
Included UEF Blue Fuse ($149.95 MSRP)
Internal biasing Active EM Cell
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