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Synergistic Research cables are developed through objective measurements, advanced active technologies, and proprietary cable geometries. We voice each of our cables through a series of subjective listening tests to select material combinations that will enable each cable design to reproduce music that is as close to live as possible.

First, we engineer specific cable geometries to match your system. For example, Accelerator interconnects are engineered for long runs, balanced terminations and as warmer sounding cables for solid state electronics, while Acoustic Reference interconnects are engineered for vacuum tube electronics, and to gain higher resolution from solid state electronics.

After arriving at a geometry for a given set of components, the second and equally important phase of our cable development process is voicing each cable to complement its target components. This is by far the most time consuming process, as it involves the hand fabrication of dozens of variations of each geometry. Countless hours are spent listening for just the right combination of materials that will recreate the magic of live music.

During the voicing process, we submit our cables for beta testing to an independent panel of careful listeners. Since our beta testers are not internally involved with our development process, we keep our observations objective. Finally, all those involved in voicing our cables regularly attend live orchestral performances in order to provide a reference point from which to gauge the ultimate success of our cables.

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