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4 out of 5 Stars

Subjectively the Master AC Line Coupler proved to be absolutely outstanding!

Reprinted from: HiFi Choice, December 14, 2004

Comfortably the most expensive of the group. Also the thickest, heaviest, and least flexible! Indeed, it’s something of a minor miracle the makers were able to shoe-horn such a fat cable into the connectors at both ends. The cables is said to eliminate RF interference through balanced cable geometry that shunts noise on the AC line to ground. Because of its size, the cable looks as though it’s primarily intended for heavy-duty power amps and other high-current devices, but the makers recommend using it everywhere, with particular emphasis on the front end. On a purely practical level, because the cable is so thick and inflexible, it may be difficult to use with components placed fairly close to rear walls - I had to pull the RCD-991 so far forward on its stand, it almost ended up on the floor!

So much for the width; what about the quality? Subjectively the Master AC Line Coupler proved to be absolutely outstanding. The sound was very sharp and open, with clean overtones and crispy transients. At the same time the presentation is clean and free from smearing. Musical incidents - like when the drummer plays off the beat on Luka from Solitude Standing - stand out clearly, making the music more interesting and eventful. Imaging was very precise; everything sharply delineated without seeming over-bright or etched. But oh, the price! What does one do? Spend £238 on four or five cheaper cables, or just buy this one? Actually, there’s only one answer; buy four or five Couplers and have done with it!

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