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Adam Smith

Reprinted From: HiFi Choice, Vol. 19 No. 6, August 2009

Moving into the high end bracket of this test, the Tesla Accelerators are Synergistic Research’s new cables named after Nikola Tesla, the scientist who made huge progress in the fields of electricity and magnetism, and gave his name to the unit of Magnetic Flux Density. Appropriately, the cables incorporate some very unusual technologies, including the Tesla Tricon cable geometry that Synergistic Research claim “focuses the signal in the same way that a lens focuses light.”. The other notable feature is Zero Capacitance Active Shielding, which claims to, “significantly improve cable bandwidth especially in the areas of low frequency extension and control” by applying a DC Voltage to the cable’s shield through miniature DC sockets woven into the cables. A plug-in ‘wall wart’ power supply is provided to aspirate this, and blue LEDs in the cable show when it is active.

Starting with the shielding unpowered, the Tesla Accelerators proved highly impressive from the off. They have a focused sense of feisty musicality combined with a lightness of touch about them that seems to not impede the music’s passage from source to loudspeaker in any way at all. In essence, I was struck by their neutrality across the entire frequency range and the way in which they simply allow the music to flow. And then I plugged the power supplies in, and things really took a leap forward…

Now the upper mid and treble gained more air and detail. In the tradition of so many subtle upgrades, everything just seemed that little better etched within the soundstage. Most notable was at the low end, when bass detail took a huge leap forward, and my loudspeakers seemed to have been given a clip round the ear and told to really perform - or else! The Tesla Accelerators made light work of whatever I threw at them, seemingly loving it all.

Excerpt from the conclusion: The Synergistic Research Tesla Accelerator proved exceptional value. Oh, yes, they have the power supplies and the flash shielding and the blue LEDs but one listen will make you realise that these are not simple showroom gimmicks - they really work. With confidence and detail the like of which I’ve seldom heard before - plus a brilliant bass with those unusual power supplies running - these should be at the top of your audition list if you have the system and the budget to do them just.

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