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quote It’s a transformational upgrade to my audio listening.”
Wayne Donnelly, Enjoy The Music

Magnetron Satellite
The Magnetron Satellite’s base uses patent pending magnetic coupling to secure its resonator to the satellite base. The magnetic coupling strategically dampens the resonator to control its decay and frequency response for better integration with the Acoustic ART System.

Magnetron Satellites are used to control first order reflection points along a side-wall for improved image focus, a wider soundstage, and smoother high frequencies. When setting up Magnetron Satellites, have a friend move a mirror along the side-wall between your listening position and the speakers. While sitting in your listening chair, look for the reflection of your speaker’s tweeter in the mirror. This is your first order reflection point and it is the starting point for affixing the Magnetron Satellite to your listening rooms side-wall. Listen to your system with both Satellite’s at the first order reflection point several inches higher than your Vibratron, and above the tweeter level of your main speakers. Next move the Satellites two inches toward your listening position, away from your speakers. If this is a movement in the correct direction, you should hear sweeter highs and a wider sound field. If you lose image focus, try moving them three inches in front of the first order reflection point toward your main speakers. Again listen for image focus and high frequency response. If you cannot place the Magnetron exactly in its first order reflection point, experiment with your options and listen for image focus behind your speakers and for positive changes in high frequencies response. Since all rooms do not have walls that lend themselves to such an install, if necessary, you may forgo the installation of the Magnetron Satellites and still enjoy benefits of the Acoustic ART System.

Gravitron Satellite
The Gravitron Satellite’s resonator sits atop a brass ring that allows for full activation and extended decay of its resonator satellite. This is key to its intended application of equalizing back pressure in a listening room, for amazing wrap around acoustic environments, and is perfect for balancing out less than ideal Vibratron placement. Properly installed, the Gravitron Satellite dramatically smooths all audible frequencies and improves overall soundstaging.

The primary role of the Gravitron Satellite is to balance out pressure along the rear wall of a listening room. With all other Acoustic ART resonators in place, experiment with rear wall placement directly behind your listening position approximately 2/3 to 3/4 of the way up the rear wall. Listen for desired high frequency response and soundstaging.

The secondary role of the Gravitron Satellite is to balance less than ideal Vibratron placement. When forced to place a Vibratron below its ideal location, place a Gravitron vertically above the Vibratron, higher than ideal Vibratron placement, to approximate ideal placement of the Vibratron.

Lastly, the Gravitron Satellite can be used in place of a Vibratron should a more cost effective solution be needed. In this case, follow the Vibratron placement guide.

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