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quote I have experimented with many different room treatments…none has been so overwhelmingly beneficial.”
Norm Luttbeg, Dagogo

The Vibratron is placed on the front wall behind your main speakers approximately six to eight inches above the height of the tweeters. If a painting, video screen, or other object prevents you from using this location, mount the Vibratron below the obstruction, but as close to the ideal location as possible. You can then place a Gravatron Satellite above the obstruction to approximate the ideal Vibratron placement. This will raise vertical image placement to natural levels and smooth out high frequencies in your system.

If necessary, the Vibratron can also be placed atop a system rack or any piece of furniture located between your main speakers.

Specially developed mid-range tuning magnets are included with the Vibratron, and are used to integrate the Vibratron with your room. Try experimenting by placing all of the magnets atop the Vibratron. You should hear a noticeable increase in mid-range liquidity and warmth. Now remove them completely and listen for a lift in high frequency extension. Finally, experiment with different combinations of large gold magnets and the smaller silver magnets until the desired combination is found.

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