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Rating: 99

Synergistic Research Alpha Sterling AS Subwoofer Cable

Brett Rudolph

Reprinted from: DVD ETC, September/October 2004

If you’re looking to make a subtle difference in your audio system, this is not the cable you want. In fact, I’m convinced that once you connect this cable to your existing system you won’t believe it’s the same system.

This subwoofer cable features active shielding, which means you need to connect the cable from your receiver or pre-amp to your subwoofer, as well as to a power supply.

I first connected the Alpha Sterling cable without using the active shielding. The results on both movies and music was impressive, although in this mode it was subtle. The music and movies had a bit more definition and character, especially where the subwoofer works best in the low frequency area. Honestly, even the improvement with the cable set up this way gives me reason to recommend it.

Like other Synergistic products I have reviewed, plug the cable in and WOW! It’s like a light bulb going on in a dark room. The smooth sounds you rarely hear made me wonder if I had changed something else in my system.

Ultimately, you need to decide for yourself how much you’re willing to spend. And I won’t tell you that this cable is going to make a bad subwoofer sound great. However, if you had to choose between upgrading your subwoofer or buying this cable, buy the cable!

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