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quote These are the finest interconnects and speaker cables I have heard.”
Norm Luttbeg,

TESLA LE Apex interconnects are carefully crafted by hand from the highest quality PMC Silver (Pure Mono Crystal) and Silver Matrix conductor materials. These conductor materials are scrutinized through a series of subjective listening tests to insure they are capable of their unique blend of speed, neutrality, and musicality. The TESLA LE Apex geometry consists of a dual Acoustic and a dual Tricon Lens conductor synergy, making it the most complex, complementary interconnect conductor geometry in the world today. In addition to selected conductor material and geometry TESLA LE Apex combines a brand new unique Zero Capacitance Active Shielding circuitry which actually prevents phase shift anomalies throughout the bandwidth in signal transfer. The result is a much lower noise floor, blacker background and accurate images that just seem to hang in the air. TESLA LE Apex is a paradigm shift in cable performance in terms of dimension and detail, bringing significant levels of musicality, refinement, and pin-point accuracy through its use of these uncompromising materials and technologies. TESLA LE Apex is the true no compromise interconnect for the listener who wants it all.

The new Active TESLA LE interconnects feature the ability to change the voicing of your system via three different Active Shielding circuits, called “Enigma Bullets”. Each circuit features a different sonic characteristic:

• Silver Module = Open and airy
Black Module = Warm and rich
Grey Module = A hybrid of both the Black and Silver

The “Enigma Bullets” enables you to fine tune any component for a perfect system match.

“Enigma” Active Shielding Tuning Circuits.

Usage: Solid state or tubes, TESLA Apex stands alone as the highest performance interconnect with no compromise between speed, detail and natural warmth with tight extended lower frequencies. TESLA Apex interconnects create superb links between source components as well as pre-amp to amp interfaces.

Active Shielding: Zero Capacitance Apex Active Shielding is the ultimate in detail and transparency with four active geometries for mid-range warmth, liquidity and three dimensionality of soundstage.

Geometry: 2 x Tricon / 2 x Acoustic

Conductors: 6 x PMC Silver / 4 x Silver Matrix

Colors: Stealth Black or StandardGold

Terminations: RCA or XLR

Click Here for more information about Cable Geometries.

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