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Au-79 is named for the symbol and atomic number of gold on the Periodic Table of Elements, and is our most affordable cable, with Quantum Tunnelling standard. It’s gold and silver alloy conductors blend the rich warmth of gold with the transparent purity of silver. Au-79’s harmonic structure is perfect for systems seeking transparent musical warmth, without obscuring detail. Run through out a system for warm holographic sound, or combine with a run of Magnetic Tricon between your pre-amp and power amp for enhanced air, detail, and precise pin-point imaging.

Usage: With solid state or tube equipment, Au-79 is the non-Active music lovers cable, with the rich warmth of gold. It can be combined with Magnetic Tricon for improved clarity. In this configuration, run Au-79 between your source components and pre-amp, with Magnetic Tricon between your pre and power amp(s), for enhanced detail with warmth.

Color: Gold

Termination: RCA and XLR

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