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Steve Plaskin writing for AudioStream; Stereophile’s online computer audio magazine, just published a review of the new Synergistic Research Galileo LE USB cable, and awarded it the AudioStream “Greatest Bits” Award.



Galileo LE Square 632Synergistic Research Galileo LE USB Cable with UEF Tuning Circuit and Galileo MPC

Directly taken from Steve’s review…

“Not only was the background deep black, but details emerged with a subtly that was somewhat startling”

“The soundstage from this cable was the largest I have yet heard from any USB cable”

“The Galileo is as neutral a cable as I have yet auditioned. From top to bottom, this cable is as even handed as it gets when reproducing all styles of music and voice”

Galileo LE USB's Carbon Fiber UEF Filter and UEF tuning circuits 632Synergistic Research Galileo LE USB Cable with built-in UEF Filter in Carbon Fiber Enclosure

Comparisons with Other Excellent USB Cables:

Light Harmonic LightSpeed USB Cable:
“If I had to select a USB cable that sounded somewhat similar to the Galileo LE, it would be the Light Harmonic LightSpeed USB Cable … The Galileo LE has a larger soundstage than the LightSpeed and is better able to resolve low level information. The Galileo LE has more body and weight than the LightSpeed with a slightly more relaxed presentation. The Galileo LE is also the champ in background silence”

Audioquest Diamond USB cable:
“The Audioquest Diamond has a very relaxed, but revealing sound that seems to minimize hardness at the mids and highs. The Galileo shares this characteristic of sound with the Diamond, but is simply a more revealing cable than the Diamond”

“I recently reviewed the JCAT USB Cable for AudioStream and found it to have a wonderful richness to the midrange with good detail at the midrange and frequency extremes. The Galileo LE also has similar midrange qualities but is more neutral sounding and less colored than the JCAT. It easily outperforms the JCAT in all areas of performance”

“The Synergistic Research Galileo USB cable is the first USB cable I have declared as my personal Reference. Each of the four DACs I have listened to benefited from the Galileo LE USB cable. Before hearing the Galileo LE, I found that one had to select a cable that sounded best with his particular DAC and system. There was no one single cable that sounded best on every DAC. The Galileo LE has changed this premise for me delivering a sound that is consistently superior to today’s USB cable competition. For those that are willing to spend the necessary funds to climb the mountain of sonic excellence, the Galileo LE USB cable resides at the pinnacle of USB cables”

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