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Dr. Steven Plaskin writing for AudioStream, Stereophile’s online computer audio magazine has published a review of our new PowerCell 10 UEF with FEQ PowerCell Equalizer comparing it directly to the outgoing PowerCell 10SE MK III

Highlights from Steven Plaskin’s review:

“Immediately, one notices a lower noise floor with enhanced clarity and definition to instruments and voices”

“The soundstage opens up in both width and depth with a third perception of height found in some symphonic recordings”

“Bass is better defined with improvements in low frequency impact. Both micro and macro dynamic contrasts are improved”


PowerCell-UEF-faceplate-cropped 632Synergistic Research PowerCell 10 UEF - Front Plate

“A dark veil was lifted from the music using the PowerCell 10 UEF”

“A reduction of grain and hardness was quite apparent listening to music with the PowerCell 10 UEF.  The benefits to the music of the PowerCell 10 UEF were not subtle”

“The PowerCell 10 UEF easily outperforms the previous model with its new design and features”

PowerCell 10 UEF backpanel 632Synergistic Research PowerCell 10 UEF with Attached FEQ-PowerCell Equalizer

Comparison of the PowerCell 10 UEF with the PowerCell 10 SE Mark III

“I have used the previous PowerCell 10 SE Mark III for approximately one year before evaluating the new PowerCell 10 UEF and found the previous model to be an excellent power conditioner. But Synergistic Research has significantly raised the performance bar with this new model. One immediately notices a larger soundstage with a more open and airy sound when listening to the PowerCell 10 UEF compared to the earlier model. The noise floor is lower with a greater sense of dark background. This ultra-quiet background allowed details to emerge that were somehow lost with the PowerCell SE MK III. The resolution of transient detail and reproduction of instrumental textures were enhanced with the PowerCell 10 UEF. Transient quickness and impact were more easily heard with the new PowerCell 10 UEF”

PowerCell EQ w Cables 632Synergistic Research FEQ-PowerCell Equalizer with included connection wires

The FEQ PowerCell Equalizer + PowerCell 10 UEF

“The FEQ PowerCell Equalizer… delivers a significant sonic punch that elevates the PowerCell 10 UEF’s performance to a level that is simply remarkable”

“While the PowerCell 10 UEF offers excellent sonic performance, the concurrent use of the PowerCell with the FEQ PowerCell Equalizer has to be experienced to understand its significant sonic contribution”

“Turning on the FEQ PowerCell Equalizer is a jaw-dropping experience! As good as the soundstage and imaging are with just the PowerCell 10 UEF, the FEQ Equalizer adds another dimension to the sound that could best be described as holographic in nature”

PowerCell 10 UEF glamor shot w EQ and Element CT 632Synergistic Research PowerCell 10 UEF with FEQ-PowerCell Equalizer and Element CopperTungsten AC Cord

“The FEQ PowerCell Equalizer is a must buy for anyone considering the PowerCell 10 UEF. The FEQ PowerCell Equalizer elevates the already wonderful performance of the PowerCell 10 UEF to new heights. When paired together, the PowerCell 10 UEF and FEQ PowerCell Equalizer becomes a formidable competitor in the power conditioner market”

Please contact your authorized Synergistic Research dealer or distributor to arrange for an in-home audition of the NEW PowerCell 10 UEF and FEQ-PowerCell Equalizer.

Link to Steven Plaskin’s  full review HERE


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