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Stereophile’s computer audio publication, Audiostream, just reviewed our latest UEF Technology, ECT or Electromagnetic Circuit Transducer. Taken directly from Dr. Plaskin’s review:


“The ECTs expanded the soundstage and improved the focus and clarity of the voices in the choir”

“As for these products being snake oil, just ain’t so. They are sold with a money back guarantee so no one has to suffer if they don’t like them”

“Removing the five ECTs resulted in a sense of compression to the sound with a loss of resolution to the choir and orchestra”

L1003002 632Synergistic Research ECT - Electronic Circuit Transducer 5-Pack

“I proceeded to add five more ECTs to the mix. One over the fuse on the back of the Analog Power Base power supply, one each on the output cables from the DAC (sending end) and one each on the balanced output cables from my Ayre KX-R Preamp (sending end). The result was really quite striking! Having 10 ECTs in the system seemed to be worth the extra cost. Returning to Hanson’s Song of Democracy, the orchestra and choir now seemed to move into the room with the soundstage appearing to be more holographic sounding. The inner detail and resolution of the orchestra and choir were improved with a greater sense of air at the high end”

ECT w Fuses 632Synergistic Research ECT  on top of SR Quantum internal Fuse

“With the ECTs I immediately noticed better definition in the bass with more impact and a superior visceral grip… Again, the soundstage opened up with increased focus and definition of the other instruments”

“I was able to perceive a deeper black background with the ECTs”

L1003013 632Synergistic Research ECTs on top of internal IC Chips and Power Supplies

“The soundstage opened up a bit more with superior resolution of transient detail”

“I now added five ECTs to the Analog Power Base power supply by placing an ECT under each of the five transformers in the unit. I also added an additional ECT to the outgoing power supply cable for The Analog DAC. An ECT was placed on each balanced cable (sending end) from my Ayre preamp to my Wilson Watch Dog Powered Subwoofer. Two more ECTs were also placed on each Synergistic Research Thunderbolt Active SE cable; one from the computer, and one from my GRAID external drive library with PCM files feeding another GRAID drive with. dsf files. All of this resulted in another 10 ECTs added to the system…

“The results were more than just impressive; in fact, almost astounding! The system seemed to now be faster sounding with greater immediacy and palpability from top to bottom. What struck me the most was that the sound seemed to be more transparent with enhanced transient quickness and impact. The high end just seemed to be more detailed sounding. The Analog DAC now sounded closer to the Bricasti M1 DAC in terms of high end speed and detail retrieval. I was now hearing a more delicate and nuanced sound from The Analog DAC with the ECTs in the system”

“Quite frankly, I sat back in my chair and couldn’t believe the sonic improvements I was hearing”


ECT Tubes sharpen x 1 632Synergistic Research ECTs placed next to Tube Sockets

Click on the banner link below as there is simply too much information for us to click and paste it all to our website page and besides, you really need to read Dr. Plaskin’s review in its entirety to fully appreciate just how amazing these new ECTs really are…





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