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Steve Plaskin of  just reviewed our NEW UEF Tuning Circuits and our NEW XOT - Crossover Transducer


“I immediately noticed an additional improvement in clarity, definition, and overall bloom with the Synergistic XOT Crossover Transducers compared to what I was hearing with the Walker HDLs”

“The UEF Active Tuning Circuits have made a significant improvement to my system”

“This is one upgrade I recommend without hesitation”

UEF w Cable632Synergistic Research UEF Tuning Circuits on Galileo LE Interconnects

Highlights from Steve Plaskin’s review:

“Besides observing the added dimensionality, superior resolution of instruments and voices within the recording’s acoustic space was plainly evident. Complex musical passages were more easily discerned with improvement of the reproduction of musical textures”

“My newly updated UEF Active system made this wonderful recording shine. I noticed that the weight of the bass was increased with better focus of the voices. That wonderful grain-free sound was heard with great sonic ease and detail

UEF Tuning Circuits632Synergistic Research UEF Tuning Circuits - Set of 2 Gray and 2 Silver Tuning Circuits

“The noise floor dropped with a blacker background. Definition of voices and instruments were improved from top to bottom. This ultra-quiet back ground resulted in superior resolution of low level information. Micro dynamic changes were now more obvious and easily heard

“The UEF Active Tuning Circuits stripped away much of this subtle hardness and glare that prevents our reproduced music from sounding real. This reduction of subtle low level distortion and noise is what I feel is the greatest accomplishment of these devices”

UEF Tuning Circuits-3 632Synergistic Research UEF Tuning Circuits - Set of 1 Gray and 1 Silver Right Angled for use on Tranquility Base

UEF-PowerCell632Synergistic Research UEF Tuning Circuits - Set of 1 Silver Right Angled for use on PowerCell Products

XOT WHITE 632Synergistic Research XOT - Crossover Transducer


Link to full review on – Click Here



Be sure to contact your authorized Synergistic Research dealer or distributor today and arrange for a no risk 30-day in-home audition of these amazing new game changing technologies.

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