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AV Décor derives it’s performance from advanced aerospace engineering, and Synergistic Research high-performance materials like Silver Matrix conductors and a modified PE dielectric, for noticeably sharper images in video applications and more low level detail in audio.

AV Décor RG-59 incorporates a 20 AWG Silver Matrix center conductor. This alloy is comprised of a proprietary mixture of precious metals with a high level of pure silver. The process used in making this alloy is also proprietary, and involves a gradient change in silver throughout the alloy. This is not a clad or plating technique!

The dielectric used in AV Décor is similar to that of HDAV, providing excellent dielectric properties while maintaining flexibility and keeping costs down. The jacket material is an opaque Polyvinyl chloride with an average thickness of 0.97mm. This outer jacket was specifically designed with a low drag for easy pulling through walls.

The cable itself is CL rated and UV stabilized with foot markers. AV Décor represents a benchmark in RG-59 cable construction, and with it’s much smaller size and greater flexibility, it well exceeds the specifications and performance of most RG-6 contenders in existence.


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