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AV Matrix is our extreme performance field terminated RG-6 interconnect. It has an 18 AWG Silver Matrix center conductor, formulated to exceed the specifications of any other on the market. It is extruded using the same process as AV Décor, with a higher quality alloy.

The unique center conductor is combined with a virgin air foam dielectric. Our designers have discovered this to have almost identical dielectric characteristics to that of Teflon, but with much more flexibility, cost effectiveness, and avoidance of the heat produced in the Teflon extrusion process, which can adversely effect the signal carrying properties of the center conductor.

AV Matrix has an Aluminum Mylar foil shield, and a 90% coverage Silver Matrix shield, combined to make this cable ideal for long runs of satellite, video or digital installations.

The jacket material is a Modified Polyvinyl with a frosted color, attractive, with a high end look and feel. ALL field terminated interconnect cables are CL rated, fully shielded, UV stabilized, and upgradeable to Synergistic Research Active Shielding.


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