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Three Building Blocks
The Tricon, Vortex, and Acoustic geometries that combine to build the cable models in the TESLA Series. By combining different ratios of Tricon, Vortex and Acoustic geometries into single cable model like Apex or Accelerator, we are able to match cables to any system while having a perfect mix and match compatibility between different models, since most cables in the TESLA series share at least one common geometry. Below is a brief run down on the three basic building blocks of the TESLA Series as well as background information on how these cables combine to make certain TESLA cable models.

TESLA Tricon
The Tricon geometry is engineered to function as an electromagnetic “lens” to concentrate fluctuating alternating current and its subsequent electromagnetic fields for perfect transfer without distortion or loss of signal. Just as a lens focuses light by concentrating or dispersing rays of light, this new geometry concentrates and focuses the sonic signal not by separating conductors, but by strategically aligning conductors in a symmetrical geometry that manages electromagnetic fields just as a lens precisely focuses light across a broad spectrum. Rather then increasing the distance between conductors, the Tesla Tricon Lens geometry places its conductors in close symmetrical proximity that can only work when a precise relationship is maintained between it’s separate conductors when all materials are held to ultra high tolerances for exact levels of resistance, capacitance and inductance in a symmetrical conductor array. This is the most complex and difficult cable we have ever built.

Subjectively, the Tricon exhibits never before obtained signal speed, clarity, and detail. Combining two Tricon geometries in parallel, as we do with our Precision Reference interconnect, creates a cable that is detailed fast and dynamic without being thin or analytical. That it delivers this kind of benchmark performance while remaining musical and richly layered in the mid-range is most unusual. Further combinations of Tricon and either Vortex or Acoustic geometries create a wide range of sonic characteristics that can be perfectly matched to target systems and components, without losing neutrality in the subjective context of cable system matching.

TESLA Vortex
Vortex cable geometry is a hybrid of our Kaleidoscope Phase II, with a reformulated geometry and a special high current speaker cable variant. Running two Vortex geometries in parallel, as we do in our Vortex speaker cable, yields a cable that is fast (though not as fast as cables with Tricon), richly layered in the mid-range, with dynamic and well-controlled low frequencies. This cable also matches a wide variety of components and speakers, delivering optimal levels of detail and warmth. Combining one Vortex with one Tricon geometry creates the Accelerator Interconnect and Speaker Wire (again with the high current speaker wire variant of the Vortex geometry). Accelerator cables out perform our old cables at less then half the price, and do so with interconnects and speaker cables that are no bigger around then your little finger.

TESLA Acoustic
The TESLA Acoustic, in both it’s interconnect and high current speaker cable variant, are a hybrid of our old Absolute Reference geometries, with a reformulated geometric ratio and refined material selection. Combining one Tricon with one Acoustic cable geometry (Acoustic Reference) yields a cable that is at the same time more resolved then our prior Designers’ Reference cables, while presenting a rich mid-range and signal presentation reminiscent of the world’s best vacuum tube circuits. This is a perfect cable for vacuum tube systems, or as a source to pre-amp interconnect for hybrid tube / solid state systems, or for solid state systems seeking a more tube like presentation when combined with either Precision Reference or Accelerator interconnects between pre and power amps. Our flag ship interconnect is comprised of two Acoustic and two Tricon geometries, for a presentation that simultaneously sets the standard for both inner detail, speed, and transparency, with a romantic mid-range, holographic soundstaging, and low frequency impact and control like no other cables on the market.

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