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Atmosphere X Series Cables

The science of emotion.

Development of Atmosphere X began when Synergistic Research was included in a Cambridge University study on the effects of music played through a Synergistic Research stereo on the human brain. In an experimental framework consisting of a structural environment where the only variable was music, researchers were able to measure changes in cognitive brain function. The results suggest music can ‘wake up’ our brains inducing activity in parts of the brain that were before asleep or dormant. When developing Atmosphere X cables, we pioneered new test procedures to assess how our brains react to music when played through a stereo with the only variable being different prototype cables and this led us to new cable technologies like UEF Matrix Shielding that dramatically increases your pleasure while listening to music.

Upgrade your existing Atmosphere signal cables.



On the 15th and 30th of each month, we will offer an upgrade of existing Atmosphere series signal cables by treating them with the conditioning process originally developed for Synergistic Research Blue fuses.  This process is standard on all new Atmosphere X series cables and is one of the steps that give Atmosphere X a major performance improvement over the original series as well as significantly reducing the break-in period of the new cables.  The UEF shielding cannot be upgraded to the new UEF Matrix shielding but the Blue Fuse conditioning process will give you an upgrade to your original Atmosphere cables as well as a glimpse into the performance of Atmosphere X series.   

Cost is $500 per pair of cables up to 10 feet in length or $300 for a single cable up to 10 feet in length.  Please contact us for a quote on longer lengths. Customer is responsible for ALL shipping charges, to and from Synergistic Research.  ALL cables will be returned via FedEx; other shipping methods cannot be accommodated.  Conditioning process will take up to 14 business days.



Imagine listening to Charlie Parker at Birdland, then walk into Carnegie Hall to be seated at the best place in the house. This is can all be possible in your listening room by adding Atmosphere. No other product allows you to tailor the size and depth of your soundstage with stunning realism to accurately match the type of music you are listening to. Atmosphere is a multi-wave RF generator that has the ability to change your listening environment. Simply place it in your room, turn it on, and let yourself be amazed.

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