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Music Lovers & Synergistic Research – Show Report.

Set up started on Thursday July 16th at the Crown Plaza Hotel in Burlingame, CA


The Team of Manufacturer’s showing were:

Ayre Acoustics: Alex Brinkman.

Musical Surroundings: Garth Leerer & Joe Wessling.

Synergistic Research: Ted Denney & Peter Hansen.

Wilson Audio: Peter McGrath.

The “Redwood“, Room was a very small room, actually a small conference room by day,

See Picture below:

The size of the room was approx 9’x15’, made it quite a challenge, when using fairly large speakers, such as Wilson Audio’s Sophia 3’s, so what do you do?

Synergistic Research’s Acoustic ART to the rescue…..

Our lead Designer Ted Denney took on the tiny room and in less than an hour he had set up the ART system. Once in place the room sounded as though it had grown in size and dimension. Now the “closet” could handle the speakers and was ready for greatness.

All cables used were Synergistic Research. TESLA Apex interconnects with Galileo Universal Interconnect cells along with TESLA Apex speaker cables with Galileo Universal speaker cable cells provided a powerful synergy.

All the Power products in the system, power cable and power conditioning, were Synergistic Research as well.

The main rack was powered by the Synergistic Research PowerCell 10 SE MKII. The power amp and universal speaker cable cells were powered by the PowerCell 4. All the power cords were the Synergistic Research TESLA SE, with the interchangeable active “Enigma Bullets” circuits.

Electronics used in the system were Ayre Acoustics, Ayre V-5xe power amplifier, K-5xe MP preamplifier, Ayre DX-5 disc player, Clearaudio Innovation and Concept turntables, Fosgate and Ayre phono preamplifiers and as already mentioned the speakers were Wilson Audio Sophia 3’s

See photo below of the room after set up.

After a team effort the system sounded stunning, a great accomplishment, everything considered.


Please see the link below for a show report by Stephen Mejias of Stereophile.

“This is stunning,” said Wilson’s Peter McGrath. “Stunning!”

“And I agreed. This was one of my favorite rooms of the show.”


Below a show report from Fred Crowder of Dagogo


Next show will be RMAF 2011 in Denver, don’t miss it.

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