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Updated 8/11/10: We have received numerous reports of counterfeit Synergistic Research products being sold in Argentina since our original discovery back in June of this year. Any listings for Synergistic Research products in Argentina are very likely for counterfeit product, and consumers in Argentina should contact us before making any purchases from sellers who claim to have genuine Synergistic Research products available. Click here to contact us, or use the Serial Number Trace Form, and we will thoroughly investigate any listings you may find. It also important to note that there are no Authorized Synergistic Research Dealers or Distributors in Argentina at this time. Consumers in Argentina that are interested in purchasing genuine, Passport Protected Synergistic Research products should contact the factory directly.

A skeptical Synergistic Research owner in Argentina recently brought to our attention the existence of a counterfeit pair of TESLA Accelerator Speaker Cable being sold in his country. The suspected dealer who is selling this cable is not an Authorized Synergistic Research Dealer. We are withholding the name of the suspected dealer pending our further investigation. We strongly recommend that you contact the manufacturer of ANY products from this market before considering making a purchase. We also have reason to believe that this cable may have originated in Florida.

Note that ALL Synergistic Research products with Active Shielding are assigned a factory installed Serial Number. If a cable you intend to purchase does not have a Serial Number, it may be a counterfeit. We encourage you to contact us directly if you are not 100% certain of the authenticity of a product you are considering purchasing.

See below for a few photos of the counterfeit TESLA Accelerator Speaker Cable in question. To our trained eye, this counterfeit cable is almost comical in the number of discrepancies between it and an authentic, hand-crafted pair of Synergistic Research TESLA Accelerator Speaker Cable, and Synergistic Research products in general:

Negative Signal Shrink Label
Synergistic Research speaker cables use black negative signal shrink labels. The counterfeit cable uses blue.

Spade Lugs
Synergistic Research speaker cables use a silver, notched spade lug. The counterfeit cable uses a gold spade lug with no notch.

Active Shielding
Authentic TESLA Accelerator Speaker Cables are ALWAYS built with Active Shielding. The counterfeit cable does not have Active Shielding.

All Synergistic Research cables are built with heatshrink imported from Japan, and it is not marked in any way. This counterfeit appears to use an “off the shelf”, low quality brand of heatshrink that can be purchased at any discount electronics store.

The apparent gauge of the counterfeit cable is noticeably different than the gauge of an actual TESLA Accelerator Speaker Cable.

Build Quality
The counterfeit cable would NEVER pass a Synergistic Research Quality Control check. The outer jacketing is loose and ill-fitting, and the heatshrink applications are very sloppy.







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