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A skeptical would-be Synergistic Research user recently brought to our attention what looks to be a pair of counterfeit TESLA Tricon Analog Phono Interconnects he claims to have purchased from MSS Hi-Fi in New York City. For the record, MSS Hi-Fi is not an Authorized Synergistic Research Dealer, nor do we supply MSS Hi-Fi with Synergistic Research (SR) products. We encourage you to contact us directly if you are not 100% certain regarding the authenticity of any SR product before you buy, and for the location of your nearest Authorized Synergistic Research Dealer.

Serial Number Format
The serial number heat shrink label on this cable fails to meet several formatting requirements. It appears a copy of our serial number label was created for this cable based on the image supplied by the customer. All SR serial number heat shrink labels are fitted by hand at our California factory, with tell-tale signs to make authenticity easily verifiable. We then record each serial number into several independent databases including an exact duplicate of the serial number label for matching should such issues arise. This serial number failed verification and is an obvious fake based on the images supplied by the end user.

Serial Number History
The serial number of the counterfeit cable is marked as “TA IC 0008″. According to the owner of this cable, MSS Hi-Fi informed him that the cable was built between February and March of 2012. According to our database, Tricon Analog serial number TA IC 0008 was built in December 2007 and registered to a different user. Specific build notes show TA IC 0008 was 1 meter in length (not 1.25 meter), RCA to RCA (not DIN to RCA), and had a Gold Standard jacket (not Stealth Black).

The heat shrink label featuring the model name of the cable does not match several specific formatting requirements. A copy of our heat shrink model appears to have been created for this counterfeit cable. All SR heat shrink labels are designed and printed by hand in our California factory, so authenticity is easily verified. This label failed verification immediately based on the images supplied by the end user.







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