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Element Copper Interconnects - RCA/XLR with UEF Tuning Circuits

Copper lovers will rejoice to the sound of pure copper suspended in an Actively Shielded Air Dielectric. Strong and powerful with rich harmonics and excellent soundstaging; these are the traits copper brings to the Element Series.

  • Most powerful bass of all elements
  • More holographic then prior top of the line models
  • Blends well with any system

Listening notes and findings from our exhaustive 6 month blind listening tests reveal Element Copper to be an excellent cable for audiophiles and music lovers who prize PRAT with strong BASS; a cable suitable for nearly all systems and components, Element Copper outperforms our previous top of the line interconnects (aside from our Galileo System IC’s) at a fraction of the price.

UEF Tuning Circuits632UEF Tuning Circuits

As with all Element Series cables start with Grey UEF Tuning Circuit first and allow the cable to settle in for at least 48 hours before experimenting with Silver UEF Tuning Circuit option. If after 48 hours you wish to open up the sound field and upper registers substitute Silver Circuit.

Element Copper Interconnect Specifications:

  • Copper Air String:
  • Copper Air Strings: 99.9999% pure mono crystal copper conductor with a separate ground conductor from shield
  • 3 separate conductors RCA / 5 separate conductors XLR
  • Dielectric: Air (sealed)
  • Shielding: 30-volt, 250 milliamp Active Shielding
  • Geometry: five channel single ended / balanced geometry
  • Hand Made in our California factory
  • Tricon Active 3rd Gen:
  • Silver Copper Matrix: Mono crystal conductors with a separate ground conductor from shield
  • Dielectric: Teflon
  • Shielding: 30-volt, 250 milliamp Active Shielding
  • Geometry: 3 channel single ended / 6 channel balanced
  • RCA and XLR Leads:
  • Silver Teflon SR 20 RCA or XLR connectors
  • Geometry Count:
  • Each Pair of Element Copper Interconnects are actually 2 separate pair of cables RCA or 3 separate pairs XLR - 1 pair Copper Airstring 3 channel RCA -or- 1 pair Copper Airstring 5 channel XLR, 1 pair Tricon Active 3rd Gen RCA -or- 2 pair Tricon Active 3rd Gen XLR
  • Power Supply:
  • 1 Standard 30 volt MPC
  • Build Notes:
  • 76 (RCA) 82 (XLR) point-to-point hand soldered connections
  • Hand build time: 10 hours
  • Quantum Tunneling: 2 step process, one for signal / ground, one for Active Shielding conductors and shields
  • Hand Made in our California factory


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