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Synergistic Research Element CTS Digital AC Cord

Element C.T.S. Digital combines everything we’ve learned from experiments with pure Earth Elements suspended in Actively Shielded Air String Geometries. With over 20 years research in high current power cord technology, we’ve built the world’s highest performance power cord for digital components.

Breaking Element C.T.S. Digital down to its individual hand built geometries, you find Copper Air Strings for powerful bass energy and musicality, Tungsten Air Strings for amazing holographic soundstaging and high frequency extension, and pure Silver Air Strings for refinement, speed, and pristine acoustic decay. Additionally, C.T.S. Digital has four specially voiced high current geometries running in parallel, developed expressly for digital applications. Sonically, Element C.T.S. Digital combines two seemingly opposite strengths: musical liquidity and precise pin-point imaging for a sound that is as lush, as it is detailed and precise. Expertly voiced for digital components, Element C.T.S. Digital preserves live recordings with realistic scale and holographic room filling sound. Detail, dynamics, and precise image placement rival that of the best analogue turntables. Element C.T.S. Digital is the must audition cable for any ultra high-end digital system.

Synergistic Research Enigma Tuning Circuits

Active Shielding voiced for the special demands of digital components
Element C.T.S. Digital has a total of six Enigma Tuning Circuits, compared to three circuits for all other Element Series power cords. Where one Enigma Tuning Circuit determines the sonic balance of active shielding for all other Element Series power cords, Element C.T.S. Digital uses two Enigma Tuning Circuits. For a practical example, let’s assume you like the added air of the Silver Enigma Turning Circuit, but also need the added warmth of the Grey Enigma Tuning Circuit. With two different Enigma Tuning inputs, you can tune half the cable with a Grey Enigma Tuning Circuit and the other half with Silver Enigma Tuning Circuit. Two circuits allows for a more gradual transition between either Black and Grey, or Grey and Silver. Of course, you can still tune the entire cable with all Black, Grey, or Silver Enigma Tuning Circuits, but with more options, you have more control to strike just the right balance between mid-range warmth and high frequency air and sparkle.

Synergistic Research G07 AC Wall Plugs and IEC Plugs

10 Geometries running in parallel:
(1) Hand crafted Actively Shielded Pure Copper Air String
(1) Hand crafted Actively Shielded Pure Tungsten Air String
(1) Hand crafted Actively Shielded Pure Silver Air String
(1) Actively Shielded Mid-Range Geometry
(2) DC Return Cables for twin circuit Active Shielding
(4) Silver Matrix Geometries voiced for digital components

(1) G-07 Gold Signal Path Wall Plug, available in 120V and 220V Schuko versions
(1) G-07 Gold Signal Path IEC component connection

Active Shielding
Powered by (1) MPC 24V DC power supply (included)

6 Enigma Tuning Circuits for Active Shielding:
(2) Black: warmest balance
(2) Silver: open and airy high frequencies
(2) Grey: Hybrid of Black and Silver

Construction Notes
Element CTS Digital is 100% handmade in our California factory, build time is 11 hours.

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