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Synergistic Research Element Copper AC Power Cord

The new Synergistic Research Element Series AC Power Cords are the product of technology first envisioned during the design and development of the TAS 2010 Cable of the Year Galileo System cables (JV’s uber expensive reference).

Chock full of industry first technologies, including Active Shielded Air Dielectrics, Pure Tungsten signal conductors, and UEF Tuning Circuits, the Element Series power cords promise to expand on the performance of the world class Element Tungsten interconnects and speaker cables- winner of the TAS 2012 Cable of the Year Award.

Synergistic Research Element CTS Analogue AC Power Cord

Element Series power cords offer greater performance at a lower cost when compared to the outgoing TESLA line. Pricing for a 5 foot Active Cord (with power supply) starts at $650 for the Element Copper, and extends to $3,000 for the top-of-the-line Element C.T.S. Digital.

Synergistic Research Element Tungsten AC Power Cord

Contact your authorized Synergistic Research dealer today to set up an audition of these new state-of-the-art Element Series AC Power Cords.

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