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Element Tungsten Interconnects - RCA/XLR with UEF Tuning Circuits

Element Copper and Element Tungsten interconnects combine either a pure copper or tungsten element suspended in an actively shielded air dielectric with a 3rd generation actively shielded Tricon geometry in parallel for balanced impedance matching between components. Element Copper Tungsten Silver interconnects have three separate actively shielded air dielectric geometries for each element and a parallel 3rd generation active shielded Tricon geometry to ensure perfect system compatibility. As with all Element Series cables UEF Tuning Circuits come standard so you can voice Element Series interconnects to better match your system.

  • Flexible
  • Fast break in time- no more then 100 hrs
  • UEF Tuning Circuits for easy system matching
  • World’s first use of pure tungsten as a signal conductor
  • Direct trickle down technology from our Galileo System cables
  • World’s first Active Shielded Air Dielectric
  • Hand Made in our California factory





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