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Element Copper-Tungsten-Silver Speaker Cable with Enigma Tuning Bullets

The Element Series is an offshoot from our cost no object Galileo Research Program that developed the World’s highest performance audio cables. Direct trickle down technologies include the world’s first use of an Active Shielded Air Dielectric, the use of Tungsten as a signal conductor and UEF Tuning Circuits that allow you to custom match Element Cables to complement your system. These combined technologies enable us to build entry level Element Series cables that outperform our prior top of the line models at a fraction of the price.

  • Flexible
  • Fast break in time - No more than 100 hrs
  • World’s first Actively Shielded Air Dielectric
  • UEF Tuning Circuits for a perfect system match
  • World’s first use of pure tungsten as a signal conductor
  • Element cables blend well with cables from other manufacturers
  • Hand Made in our California factory

How we arrived at the elements used in our new Element Series cables:

We knew from research on the Galileo System that any element coming in contact with signal (Silver, Gold, Platinum or Copper) has a direct effect on the sound. For the Element Series we first wanted to isolate the fundamental characteristics of as many different elements from the Periodic Chart as possible looking for new and hopefully breakthrough performance from overlooked options. We also wanted to make the signal path as pure as possible so in addition to Active Shielding we opted to go with an Air Dielectric as this significantly contributes to the amazing clarity of our Galileo System Cables.

The experiment was conducted as follows. We first made a dozen different interconnects. Each cable contained one geometry with either one Transition Metal –or- one Alkaline Earth metal -or- one Alkali Earth metal from the Periodic Table of Elements suspended in an Actively Shielded Air Dielectric. In addition each cable had a parallel Actively Shielded Tricon geometry to allow less conductive elements to reveal their hidden characteristics without hindering signal transfer. Each cable was marked with a random Alpha Numeric code so we could keep track of which cables we were listening to without knowing which elements were being evaluated during the 6 month long battery of listening tests.

After building 12 different Element Cables we first Quantum Tunneled each and then burned them in for one month on our cable cooker. We wanted to be absolutely certain the cables were fully broken in before beginning the subjective evaluation process and not just picking elements that break in faster then others. For the listening tests we used several different systems taking careful notes based on our listening tests as we progressed. Quickly we isolated elements that possessed less then satisfactory characteristics when cross referenced on our different systems and eliminated them without learning their element content until after our final candidates were chosen.

In the end three elements presented themselves as superior to all others with two elements being tried and true, copper and silver and one big surprise, tungsten.

Listening note highlights from our Lead Designer - Ted Denney

Copper- Code Name GE-F 33

Copper with Grey Bullets: “Very clear and high resolution. Strong powerful bass line, air and a sense of the hall makes this element a hands down winner”

“Detail freaks and dynamic junkies will love this element however not the largest sound stage nor does it possess the last degree of air or extension in the uppermost registers”

“Explosive bass”

Silver- Code Name GE-A 79

Silver with Grey Bullets: “Deep sound stage in a well rounded polite and non offensive presentation. Absolutely no glare or grain in the upper registers. Balance is the word that comes to mind”

Silver with Silver Bullets: “More forceful bass impact with only a slight glare on top  and only on certain recordings (which may be more accurate). Still smoother then GE-F 33 (copper) with Grey. The Silver Bullet definitely adds sparkle and slam to this cable”

“Extremely refined”

“This strikes me as a chameleon or a one system fits all element”

Tungsten- Code Name GE-B 35

Tungsten with Grey Bullets: “Amazing soundstage. By far the most holographic element”

“The difference between GE-A 79 (silver) and GE-B 35 (tungsten) is like the difference between a Ferrari 355 and a Acura NSX. The NSX is polite easy to drive and refined while the Ferrari is more spirited, less balanced overall yet posses magic and a connection to the road that leaves the Honda seeming somewhat boring by comparison”

“Huge sound field that may combine well with other elements”

“Spooky Huge Sound Field”

Design Features: UEF Tuning Circuits

UEF Tuning Circuits632

Element Series interconnects and speaker cables come standard with our exclusive UEF Tuning Circuits for tuning the subjective nature of Active Shielding to better match your system. This makes blending Element Series cables with other brand cables a snap; as you add Element Series cables to your current cable mix simply try each of the two circuits (Grey or Silver) and select the option that sounds best in your system. For users who intend to go with a full loom of Element Series cables start with the Grey Bullets first and then change only the source interconnect or speaker cable bullet to Silver when you want more extension. In most systems that feature all Element Series cables only a few cables will stray from Grey and the decision as to which bullets to use will be obvious after your cables have had at least one week to settle down and break into your system.

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