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Synergistic Research Element Tungsten AC Power Cord

Element Tungsten is the first power cord in our new Element Series to feature tungsten in the signal path, and is the first power cord in the world to use pure tungsten as a conductor. If you’re not already familiar with the unique sonic characteristics of tungsten, you may wish to read this. To summarize, during our 6-month double-blind listening test, we discovered Tungsten to be the most holographic sounding of all elements tested. Listening  revealed exceptional high frequency extension and note decay that comes from a lower perceived noise floor. Perhaps this is why  tungsten’s sound is so holographic. In fact, many people feel the real magic starts with Tungsten due to its amazing portrayal of live music, presented in realistic space and scale, with note decay that is closer to a live event than any other single element.

Synergistic Research Enigma Tuning Circuits

Synergistic Research G07 AC Wall Plugs and IEC Plugs

3 Geometries running in parallel:
(1) Hand Made Actively Shielded Pure Tungsten Air String Geometry
(1) 3rd Gen Actively Shielded High Current Tricon Geometry
(1) 12AWG High Current Geometry

(1) G-07 Gold Signal Path Wall Plug, available in 120V and 220V Schuko versions
(1) G-07 Gold Signal Path IEC component connection

Active Shielding
Powered by (1) MPC 24V DC power supply (included)

3 Enigma Tuning Circuits for Active Shielding:
(1) Black: warmest balance
(1) Silver: open and airy high frequencies
(1) Grey: Hybrid of Black and Silver

Construction Notes
Element Tungsten is 100% handmade in our California factory, build time is 4 1/2 hours.

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