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Here are some highlights from Rick’s review:

“There is an improvement in focus, as well as an improvement in transparency. There also is more perceptible decay to notes from un-amplified instruments (think piano), and a smoother sustain and extended decay to notes from amplified instruments (think electric guitar and synthesizer). Overall, the music has more purity. Whether this comes from a lowered noise floor (reducing the garbage) or smoother transmission of the signal and reproduction of the notes, or both, I’m not sure. My reference rig is respectable, but not financially over-the-top. That the PowerCell 4 has been in my rig for almost six years without me feeling any need to replace it should speak volumes for it. The newer Synergistic Research products such as the Black Fuse and the PowerCell 12 UEF that incorporate graphene are very enticing.”












“The SR Black Fuse dusted my AVM painted fuses and while they cost significantly more, the Black Fuse has a far greater acoustic return on investment. This is as it should be with 2mVolts of Quantum Tunneling and graphene treatment on the filament. Ted Denney was quick to jump on graphene and it is appearing in ever more SR products. It seems to hold a lot of promise from what I’ve heard so far. As their name implies, their products have a way of building synergy among your other components and the company is experiencing such success that they moved to a larger production facility this year. Earlier this year, I borrowed some newer generation power cords than the ones I run, and a set of their current Atmosphere interconnects from Tom. I was very favorably impressed and can assure you this is not a company that rests on its laurels.”










“If after trying the fuses and outlet you are impressed, you will be poised to spend large for cables and a PowerCell. That’s where the fun really begins. The pain of doing so will be greatly reduced by the Black Fuses having doubled the apparent value of your phono stage, preamp and amplifier. While many will think of fuses as a tweak, to my mind, the Black Fuse has become an essential component. Reviewing these two products has been a ride (and the road goes on forever) so the Black Fuses and the UEF Black Duplex outlet are staying right here in my armory.”



To read the whole review please follow the link: Enjoy the Music


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