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CES RackGalileo System Interconnects with Gold and Silver Air Strings

Galileo System Interconnects utilize Active Electromagnetic Cells, pure Gold and Silver Actively Shielded Air Strings, and terminate both single ended (RCA) balanced (XLR) components. This unique feature makes selection between balanced and single ended operation easy; now you don’t have to guess which mode sounds best- simply listen both ways and choose between RCA or XLR, which ever sounds best to you.

Galileo System Source to pre - pre to power 632Galileo System Interconnects connect both balanced and single-ended electronics

Galileo System Interconnect EM Cells were voiced through experimentation with different metals like copper silver alloy, pure gold, pure silver, and even pure platinum. We found silver transfers the most transparent sound however pure silver can sound too bright in many systems. Gold on the other hand presents rich warmth with smooth highs, but can also sound slow and closed in, especially where sound staging and air are concerned. Platinum on the other hand has a most peculiar mix of strengths that only benefit Galileo System Cells when combined with pure gold and pure silver conductors. In the end we developed a Precious Metal Matrix of copper silver alloy, pure silver, pure gold, and pure platinum. This combination transmits balanced sound with all the benefits of pure gold and sliver and none of the trade offs.

galileo-system-interconnect-diagramGalileo System Interconnect- Exploded Diagram

Galileo System Interconnects are further tuned to compliment your components through a system of four pure silver Air Strings and two additional pure Gold Air Strings. When Galileo System interconnects are stringed up with a full compliment of Silver Air Strings you hear the highest level of detail and air. However if this should prove too much for your system you may substitute one Silver Air String for a Gold Air String (so three silver Air Strings and one gold Air String per interconnect). This combination delivers a nuanced mid-range with transparent warmth. If you need further warmth simply substitute an additional Gold Air String for a ratio of two Gold Air Strings and two Silver Air Strings per interconnect. This combination creates a cable as warm as any you could desire while preserving the expansive soundstage, dynamics, and air of Galileo. In the Synergistic Research Design Studio we use one gold Air String and three silver Air Strings between CD and pre amp, and all silver Air Strings between pre amp and power amp. Given the balance of our room and system (it’s acoustics treated with Acoustic ART System resonators), this combination seems to produce the ultimate balance of detail, warmth, and soundstage liquidity and dimension. However when working with other systems we have found applications for all Silver Air Strings as well as a 50/50 ratio of Gold to Silver. Depending on your system and room acoustics, one of these three source to pre amp options will yield a neutral balance with flexibility should your system change in the future.

For pre to power amp interconnects we find all silver Air Strings work best. You may however wish to experiment with one Gold Air String and three Silver Air Strings (this is optional as Gold Air Strings are not standard on interconnects over one meter in length). We cannot however imagine a system whose balance would be well served with more then one Gold Air String spanning the distance between pre and power amplifiers.

Galileo System Interconnect Specifications:

  • Active EM Cells:
  • Count- 4 Active EM Cells per pair
  • Internal Conductor Material- Copper Silver Alloy, Pure Gold, Pure Silver, Pure Platinum
  • Chassis Material- Acrylic
  • Connectors- LEMO
  • Air Strings:
  • Gold Air Strings- 99.999% pure gold signal conductors with a separate ground conductor from shield
  • Silver Air Strings- 99.9999% pure silver signal conductors with a separate ground conductor from shield
  • Dielectric- Air (sealed)
  • Shielding- 30-volt, 250 milliamp Active Shielding
  • Geometry- five channel single ended / balanced geometry
  • Connectors- LEMO
  • RCA and XLR Leads:
  • RCA- Active Shielded Silver Air Strings with pure silver and Teflon XHADOW RCA connectors to component, LEMO connector to EM Cell
  • XLR- Active Shielded Silver Air Strings with pure silver and Teflon XHADOW XLR connectors to component, LEMO connector to EM Cell
  • Cable Count:
  • Each Pair of Galileo System Interconnects are actually 10 separate pair of cables- 4 pair Silver Air Strings, *2 pair Gold Air Strings, 2 pair XHADOW RCA Silver Air Strings, 2 pair XHADOW XLR Silver Air Strings
  • Power Supply:
  • 1 Hand built Galileo MPC
  • Build Notes:
  • 316 point-to-point hand soldered connections
  • Build time: 10 days
  • Quantum Tunneling- 10 step, 5 hour Quantum Tunneling process

*Gold Air Strings are standard only on one meter length interconnects

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