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Galileo System the most advanced cable in the worldGalileo System Interconnect Cells with Actively Shielded Gold and Silver Air Strings

The Galileo System began as an exploration for radical new technologies to improve cable performance. We first wanted to learn what would happen when we combined the Electromagnetic Cell technology (from our award winning TESLA PowerCells) with interconnects and speaker cables. To optimize performance of the Galileo System’s Electromagnetic Cells, we experimented with a myriad of conductor options. In our TESLA PowerCell, we utilize highly conductive copper with trace amounts of silver. For Galileo System cables, we wanted to challenge assumptions made in the PowerCell’s conductor medium by exploring the effect of precious metals on EM Cell performance. We began experimenting with pure silver, which opened up resolution, but unfortunately it did so in an artificial way by over emphasizing high frequencies at the expense of natural harmonic overtones in the mid-range. We later experimented with strategic layers of both copper and pure silver (as found in our Galileo Universal Cable Cells). This increased high frequency resolution while preserving a natural mid-range. We later experimented with pure gold, pure silver, and pure copper in the Galileo System’s EM Cells. This allowed us to push the envelope with silver, while preserving an amazing level of harmonic richness and texture. Finally, we hit on a strategic combination of pure copper, pure silver, pure gold, and pure platinum. This precious metal matrix, as we now call it, yielded the highest level of resolution we have yet been able to transfer, while preserving a natural balance of low, mid, and high frequencies in the largest, most holographic sound field we have ever created; something Synergistic Research cables are already known for.

Galileo System SC's side-by-side 632Galileo System Speaker Cells. Each Galileo System SC has two cells- one at the beginning and end of each cable run

We began engineering cables to connect to our new electromagnetic cells, located at the beginning and end of each Galileo System interconnect and speaker cable. We wanted the cables (Strings) between Galileo cells to be interchangeable; you can actually mix-and-match Strings of different conductor materials to better compliment your system now, with flexibility to match any components you are likely to acquire in the future.

For Galileo interconnects, we developed the world’s first Actively Shielded cables with an air dielectric, and experimented with dozens of precious metals for its signal conductors. Since Ted predetermined each EM Cell should be connected by four separate Strings, there was a need to keep these cables as small and manageable as possible. This presented yet another engineering challenge, given that each cable would carry both balanced and single-ended signals, ground conductors, DC biased shields not connected to ground, and a return line for DC. In the end, a five-channel geometry in a sealed air dielectric was created in a cable smaller then a No. 2 pencil!

Galileo-System-SC-Direct-ViGalileo System Speaker Cell Connection Ports: 2 x High Current Strings, 1 x Silver Air String, 1 x Silver Tricon

In addition to being able to custom tune the sound of your Galileo System Interconnects by swapping pure Gold and Silver Strings between Active Cells, you are also able to switch between XLR and RCA terminations by simply plugging in either RCA or XLR leads, as supplied with each pair of Galileo System Interconnects.

ARTSY STringsGalileo System Speaker Cable Elevators suspending four Strings

Galileo System Speaker Cables are no less innovative, with two high current Galileo EM Cells decoupled from ground by razor sharp stilettos, and connected by four cable strings. Each string is suspended by a unique system of cable elevators that maintain uniform distance between strings, for effortless sound. As with a fine instrument, each string has a specific role to play in transferring music from your amplifiers to your speakers. We developed the following geometries: two high current Galileo Strings with Silver Matrix conductors, one Pure Silver Air String, and one Silver Tricon String; all Actively Shielded, of course. The two high current Galileo cables lend weight and authority to the music, while the pure silver Air String preserves delicate air and inner detail. Lastly, one Pure Silver Tricon lends bloom and overall soundstage scale & dimension to the transfer. The net result is a sound so finely detailed, yet so effortless and rich, it defies common assumptions of what is and is not possible from a premium set of speaker cables. To lend functionality, the Galileo speaker cable system can handle full range, bi-wire, and tri-wire speakers. Now as you change speakers over the years, you won’t have to look for new speaker cables.


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